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MARCH 2015 A monthly publication of the Beaver Dam Senior Center Volume 18 Issue 3 WE DONT STOP PLAYING BECAUSE WE GROW OLD WE GROW OLD BECAUSE WE STOP PLAYING. George Bernard Shaw

CITY OF BEAVER DAM COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES SERVICES 114 E Third St, Beaver Dam, WI 53916 Phone 920 8874639 Fax 920 8871902 Hours MondayFriday, 730 am430 pm Email Web Site www.cityofbeaverdam.combdcas DEPARTMENT STAFF Evonne Boettge Traci Gmeinder Patti Maleck Julie Piltz George Behling Parks Department Administrator Office Administrator Customer Service Clerk Custodian Building Maintenance GENERAL INFORMATION Participation City residents age 50 over become participants

feel that they were somehow misled into believing that the project wasnt handled in the Sometimes the back office isnt back far enough The daily responsibilities swing from side to side and right way, or that money was promised and not delivered, or now and then theres enough time in the day to get that the communication wasnt some work done too. Its always fun to get an clear or as much as it needed to unexpected phone call about a new project or have be, I am hopeful that the some great collab

COFFEE COPS FRIDAY, MARCH 20 Enjoy conversation with the Beaver Dam Police Department at 800 am. Discuss your issues, find out about the latest ordinance, learn more about their operation and enjoy a donut compliments of the Senior Center Just drop in, no reservations needed, everyone welcome. POT LUCK CARD PARTY SATURDAY, MARCH 21 Enjoy a gettogether to play Pepper or Euchre Play cards starting at 100 pm, with the pot luck at 430 pm. Jeanne Schweisthal will coordinate the dishes to pass. Pl

GREENHOUSE PROJECT This year our plant sale will take on a new look. A perennial plant sale will be held on Friday, May 8 from 100 to 600 pm and on Saturday, May 9 from 900 am to noon. We will also be selling those famous Beaver Dam Peppers, as well as some heirloom pepper and tomato plants. Our plan is to accept donated plants for the sale. If you have some perennials that need thinning, please donate them to the Center. It could be flowers or anything that can be transplanted. If you know the

175TH ANNIVERSARY CITY OF BEAVER DAM Share your story We are collecting interesting stories to place in a 175th anniversary record book. This book will be about people who are participants at the Senior Center and who wish to share their story about the community. Do you have a tale to tell about some special event you participated in in Beaver Dam, moving to Beaver Dam, or why you came back to Beaver Dam Did you own a business, run a community event, do something great for the Center Do you ha

THISTHATAND SOME OTHER THINGS EVERYTHING THREE WORD GAME 1. Name the third month of the year. 2. Name the third day of the week. 3. Name the three primary colors. 4. Name the three Rice Krispies characters. 5. Whose motto was All for one, and one for all 6. What are the three Rs of learning 7. What is given on the third day of Christmas in The Twelve Days of Christmas song 8. Who were the three men in the tub in the nursery rhyme 9. Joann Woodward won an Academy Award for Best Actress in this 19

AARP TAX PROGRAM ASSISTANCE THROUGH APRIL 9 Kay Hodgson, Volunteer Coordinator for the Beaver Dam area, announces the annual program for assistance with tax preparation. Trained preparers will be available at the Center to complete federal and state returns, as well as Homestead Credit. All ages are welcome and assistance will be provided on Monday 1230 to 330 pm Wednesday 830 to 1130 am Thursday 830 to 1130 am Appointments are REQUIRED. Please call the Center at 8874639 to schedule. You will ne

BD FIRE DEPT. HEALTH SAFETY NOTES Submitted by Lana Letto, Administrative Assistant interrupters. This will allow you extra plug in space, and the GFI will kick in if there is a power shortage. It also helps avoid waterelectrical shock accidents. Dont leave the kitchen with pots pans cooking on the stove. Make sure to turn off burners as soon as you take the pot off. Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing while cooking. That means loose sleeves and sweaters. Clean the stove and toaster regul

CELL PHONES Does everyone have this marvelous communication tool Its a great way to keep everyone right in your pocket. We have lots of things going on at the Center and phone conversations may not always be appropriate for everyone to overhear. While we dont have a phone booth to use, there are some places in the building that offer privacy. We hope that you find a convenient place to use your cell without disturbing others who may be enjoying activities, or may be a bit loud and disturb your c

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION MONDAY, MARCH 16 The Center always welcomes new members. On the 3rd Monday of each month at 1000 am in the Community Room, you are invited to learn more about our programs, activities, policies and procedures. Youll also get information on our lunch site, the information and services we have available, trips and volunteer opportunities. Registration is appreciated, but not required. If you find yourself available, but didnt call in, be sure to come on down Well have fresh

MARCH 2015 ACTIVITY CALENDAR Sunday 1 2 730 800 845 900 100 Monday Coffee Conversation Cribbage Gentle Yoga Woodcarving Euchre 3 Tuesday 800 Pinochle 815 Arthritis Exercise 100 Bridge Quilting Class Sheepshead 530 Community Meal 4 Wednesday 800 Benefit Specialist Cribbage 830 Hooks Needles 900 Woodburning 100 Bingo 700 DJ Sheepshead AARP Taxes 8301130am AARP Taxes 1230330pm 8 9 730 800 845 900 100 Coffee Conversation Cribbage Gentle Yoga Woodcarving Euchre AARP Taxes 1230330pm 10 8

All ages are welcome to participate Thursday 5 800 815 930 100 Pinochle Arthritis Exercise Wii Bowling Pepper Pool League Sheepshead 6 800 830 915 100 Friday Cribbage Learn to Play Cards Movie ClubBoyhood Bowling at Tower Lanes Euchre Speed Scrabble 7 Saturday 100 Open Games Saturday AARP Taxes 8301130am 12 800 815 930 100 Pinochle Arthritis Exercise Wii Bowling Pepper Pool League Sheepshead 13 800 Cribbage 830 Learn to Play Cards 100 Bowling at Tower Lanes Euchre Speed Scrabble 14 100

PROGRAMS ACTIVITIES ProgramActivity Active adults ages 50 over are welcome to attend. Cost 10 classes for 10 punch card .50 per card Free Regular bowling rates apply Free Cost varies Free ProgramActivity All ages are welcome to participate Cost 8 per class Free Free Free Free 1 per day Arthritis Exercise 815915 am Tuesdays Thursdays Bingo 100400 pm Wednesdays Book Club 10001100 am 4th Monday of month Bowling League 100400 pm Fridays SeptemberApril at Tower Lanes Bridge 100400 pm Tuesdays


YOUR BENEFIT NEWS Submitted by Amanda Higgins, Dodge County Elder Benefit Specialist Medicare Part Bs Ambulance Coverage Pilot Program Medicare Part B usually covers emergency ambulance transportation when a patient needs to be transported to a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Medicare pays for this transportation when an individual experiences a sudden medical emergency andor when their health is in serious danger because they cannot be safely transported by other means. In limited cases,

WORD PICTURES Creative Forecasting, Inc. March 2015 Issue Answers on page 21 4 1 2 3 5 7 6 9 10 8 12 11

WII BOWLING NEWS by Mary Morgan Recent 200 games were bowled by the following Debbie McGovern 200, Viola Boyke 213, Jen Schanen 214, Ginny Hodgson 225 226, and Mary Morgan 225, 208 209. We meet on Thursdays from 930 to 1100 am. We have a lot of fun and attract others to watch. Come on down to enjoy some laughs, coffee and cookies. We are always looking for more people to participate. MEET EAT CLUB NEWS by Marge Haider Friday, March 27 at 430 pm Potluck at the Center Friday, April 24 at 1030

FRIDAY BOWLING LEAGUE NEWS by Carol Abel Standings as of 21315 Hot Shots 4840 Pin Busters 46 1241 12 Maybes 4345 Packer Backers 4345 Challengers 4246 Mavericks 41 1246 12 In January, Joe Quella picked up the 36710 and Frank Schliesman picked up a three pin split. Rodney Binder had a triplicate, three games of 138. High games and series Mike Decker222 622 Dale Sennhenn235 611 Harold Meinders224 541 Carol Abel218 537 Betty Bortz203 521 Wayne Drews225 519 and Dave Nelson 193 502. Our team members c

STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES BEAVER DAM SENIOR CENTER Friday, January 23, 2015 Called to order by Kay Appenfeldt at 830 am Kay thanked Wings Over Wisconsin WOW for the birdseed. Roll Call Present Kay Appenfeldt, Kathy Woock, David Travis, Wayne Schmitz, Terry Zimmerlee, Del Schultz arrived 908 am, Shirley Rabbitt, Betty Stafford, Donna Fuhrman, Sandy Heiar, Diane Fabini, Terry Appenfeldt Woodshop, Gert Miller Program Committee, Evonne Boettge Administrator, Traci Gmeinder Office Administra

MARCH 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 13 14 16 Arline Immerfall Arlene Saxauer Barb Hunt Sally Liddicoat Burton Beyer Vernon Selk Nancy McDonald Ann Nielsen Ken Hardinger Deb Huebner Marion Radtke Morry Plagenz Rita Sheskey Darlene Wright Dave Flasch Robert Manke Mary Desjarlais 17 18 19 19 20 25 28 Pat Schmid Rosemary Smith Jon Urban Harold Vanderhei Kathy Westphal Shirley Graham Charlotte Hussli Virgil Lauth Doris Domann Nancy Kramer Virginia Schmitt John Wedel WORD PICTURES 1. Turning soil 2. Greenback 3.

SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB DAY TRIPS MAGGIE MAE SUNDAY, APRIL 12 Cost 52 pp Registration deadline March 9, 2015 Nationwide Travelers Spring Showcase Fox Valley Lutheran High School, Appleton Enjoy the performance of this homegrown talented country singer Nashville recording artist, who is becoming one of the biggest Midwestern names in pure country music. Her instant rapport with the audience and her enthusiasm throughout her shows, guarantee enjoyment for anyone who loves good music. Maggie Mae and he

SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB EXTENDED TOURS THE SEVEN WONDERS OF OREGON AUGUST 1422, 2015 Cost 2,598 ppdbl Registration deadline March 13, 2015 This Mayflower Tour includes the Mt. Hood Railroad, Timberline Lodge and Crater Lake National Park. Start this 9day tour from the Center, flying to Portland with overnight stops at Newport, Bend, Baker City and Pendleton. Enjoy a 4wheel drive dune buggy ride through the Oregon Dunes, tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and more. AMERICAS GREAT LAKES AND ST. LAWRE

Approved June 6, 2011 RESOLUTION NO. 962011 Whereas, the City of Beaver Dam proposes to enter into the attached Offer of Gift from Jaystone Properties, LLC, by its only members Charles E Fakes Gail E Fakes for the real estate commonly known as 209 S. Center St, and WHEREAS, said real estate shall be used by the City of Beaver Dam as its Community Senior Center, NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the attached Offer is hereby approved and appropriate City officials are authorized to execute the

Introduction to eReaders Presented by Beaver Dam Community Library Split Pea Soup in a Jar Presented by Beaver Dam Community Hospital WORKSHOPS WORKSHOPS Tuesday, March 10 415 to 515 pm SeniorRec. Center FREE Want to learn more about eReaders like Kindles, Nooks, iPads and more This workshop will include Types of eReaders and tablets How to use eReader features What is needed to download free eBooks Instructions on how to checkout eBooks and transfer them to your eReader or tablet Quest

Introduction to eReaders Presented by Beaver Dam Community Library Split Pea Soup in a Jar Presented by Beaver Dam Community Hospital WORKSHOPS WORKSHOPS Tuesday, March 10 415 to 515 pm SeniorRec. Center FREE Want to learn more about eReaders like Kindles, Nooks, iPads and more This workshop will include Types of eReaders and tablets How to use eReader features What is needed to download free eBooks Instructions on how to checkout eBooks and transfer them to your eReader or tablet Quest

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