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DECEMBER 2014 A monthly publication of the Beaver Dam Senior Center Volume 17 Issue 12 Julie Traci Patti Evonne Patricia George Rose HAPPY HOLIDAYS

CITY OF BEAVER DAM COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES SERVICES 114 E Third St, Beaver Dam, WI 53916 Phone 920 8874639 Fax 920 8871902 Hours MondayFriday, 730 am430 pm Email Web Site www.cityofbeaverdam.combdcas DEPARTMENT STAFF Evonne Boettge Traci Gmeinder Patti Maleck Julie Piltz George Behling Parks Department Administrator Office Administrator Customer Service Clerk Custodian Building Maintenance GENERAL INFORMATION Participation City residents age 50 over become participants

FROM THE ADMINISTRATORS DESK As 2014 comes to a close I say good riddance In many ways, this year was not my finest Of course, mostly thats a personal issue since I would never say that about the Center we are always having a wonderful year....... The challenges I face daybyday continue to help me understand the need to be patient, to listen carefully, to recognize my limitations and realize that although every dream did not come true, the ones that did were amazing and the rest just need a bi

TREE TRIMMING DECORATING MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 Our holiday decorations are coming out. Volunteers are needed to help decorate the tree at 900 am. Its fun to get together and many hands make this a light chore. No need to sign up, just come on down. Enjoy a freshly baked cookie and coffee as we turn the Center into a holiday wonderland CHRISTMAS PARTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16 500800 PM CHAPEL OF THE ARCHANGELS, 839 MADISON STREET LOWER LEVEL, ELEVATOR AT REAR ENTRANCE, ADDITIONAL PARKING BEHIND BUILDI

DIAMOND JACKS SHEEPSHEAD EVERY WEDNESDAY Heres another way to enjoy the areas favorite card game at the Center. Game time is 700 pm, with an entry fee of 7.00. Complete details on game rules, prizes, scoring and table assignments will be available at the game. All players will be expected to follow the guidelines. We need help with this successful Diamond Jacks Sheepshead program Volunteers are needed on Wednesday evenings, 5301030pm, to help with player registration, money collection distributi

OPEN GAMES SATURDAY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6 Everyone is welcome to come to the Center on the first Saturday of each month, 100 400 pm to enjoy their favorite game Checkers, Wii, Sorry, Yahtzee, Dominoes, Farkle and many more games are in the inventory of the Center for participants to enjoy. The only thing we wont be playing is cards Mary Morgan will be your hostess and each month the group will decide what to play. Or, you can decide to play something different at each table of players. Registrat

PLANT SALE 2015 The greenhouse will not be in operation next season, instead we will host a perennial plant sale in May. Please plan ahead this winter and let us know if you have some plants to donate. You can call the office 9208874639 and we will make a note of your donation so we have an idea of how many plants we should expect and how long to plan the sale. If you need help breaking up your selected donation we will help take care of that in the spring. Advance registration will be greatly a

Steering Committee Election 4 Seats Open VOTE January 1923 SATURDAY SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 25 Dont forget to mark your calendar its our annual weekend of outdoor fun. This year there will be a few new activities. Well also have our regular events returning for your enjoymentthe ride through the park and the snowball drop. More information will be available over the next few weeks. Bring the family enjoy the brisk winter weather and get some fresh air at Crystal Lake Park. BD FIRE DEPT. HEALTH

GENTLE YOGA MONDAYS JANUARY 5FEBRUARY 16 This form of yoga can be done using a chair seated or for support or without and allows for greater flexibility and joint mobility through breath and relaxation techniques. Poses, sequences and modifications focus on specific issues for active older adults Kyphosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Balance, Chronic Pain, Breathing Difficulties, etc. Yoga is more than a form of exercise it is considered a holistic experience which rejuvenates th

STEERING COMMITTEE ELECTIONS This notice of election is published to advise Center participants that candidate application forms are available at the front office and must be filed no later than Monday, December 15. Everyone who completes the application by the deadline will be eligible for election, which is held the week prior to the annual meeting. This will be the week of January 19 and the annual meeting will be held on Thursday, January 29. There are eight leadership positions for active C

LISTENING SESSION WITH THE MAYOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18 Mayor Tom Kennedy will be at the Center on the 3rd Thursday of every month, 10001100 am, schedule permitting, to discuss ideas for the city, listen to your comments and concerns and try to address issues of importance to older adults. Youll have his total attention for an hourplease welcome him to the Center and bring your concerns and comments DODGE COUNTY SENIOR DINING MENU DECEMBER 2014 Rose Newman, Site Manager Lunch is served MondayFri

DECEMBER 2014 ACTIVITY CALENDAR Sunday 1 730 800 845 900 Monday Coffee Conversation Cribbage Gentle Yoga Tree Trimming Decorating Woodcarving 100 Euchre 500 Pom Dance 600 Pepper 730 800 845 900 100 500 600 Coffee Conversation Cribbage Gentle Yoga Woodcarving Euchre Pom Dance Pepper 2 Tuesday 800 Pinochle 815 Arthritis Exercise 100 Bridge Sheepshead 530 Community Meal 3 Wednesday 800 Benefit Specialist Cribbage 830 Hooks Needles 900 Woodburning 100 Bingo Woodshop for Women 700 DJ Sheepshead

Thursday 4 800 815 930 100 Pinochle Arthritis Exercise Wii Bowling Pool League Sheepshead Woodshop for Women 500 Pom Dance 5 Friday 800 Cribbage 830 Learn to Play Cards 915 Movie ClubThe Horses of McBride 100 Bowling Tower Lanes Euchre Speed Scrabble 6 Saturday 100 Open Games Saturday 530 Holiday Parade Downtown Beaver Dam 11 800 815 930 100 Pinochle Arthritis Exercise Wii Bowling Pool League Sheepshead Woodshop for Women 500 Pom Dance 12 800 Cribbage 830 Learn to Play Cards 100 Bowling

PROGRAMS ACTIVITIES ProgramActivity Active adults ages 50 over are welcome to attend. Cost 10 classes for 10 punch card Two cards for 1 Free Regular bowling rates apply Free Cost varies Free ProgramActivity Mens Cooking Class 330500 pm Thursdays once per month Movie Club Please check newsletter for days times. New Member Orientation 3rd Monday of Month 1000 am Open Pool Tables 730 am430 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays Fridays Pepper Mondays 600800 pm 3rd Saturday of month 100300 pm Pinoch


YOUR BENEFIT NEWS Submitted by Amanda Ackerman, DC Elder Benefit Specialist Medicare Celebrates 49th Birthday Medicare and Medicaid turned 49 years old at the end of July 2014. An American turning 65 years old in 2014 and becoming eligible for Medicare was just 16 years old, when President Johnson signed the Medicare Amendment into law to be a part of the Social Security Act. Today over 52 million Americans are covered by Medicare and more than 60 million by Medicaid. Although acclaimed for prov

WORD PICTURES Creative Forecasting, Inc. December 2014 Issue Answers on page 21 3 1 2 4 9 5 6 10 7 12 11 8

HOOKS NEEDLES NEWS by Charlene Litwin Lois Livens Thank you to all of our generous supporters who donated yarn this year. Very special accolades to the ladies of Hooks Needles who lovingly create all the donated projects. We all work together in support of our Center and our community. Peace, Joy Happiness to all LEADERSHIP BEAVER DAM NEWS by Bobbie Pearson October 8, 2014 We met at the Historical Society for a morning of Beaver Dam history. Mark Warren, Mary K, Mary Beth, Bob and Lorri wer

MOVIE CLUB NEWS by Kay Appenfeldt Come and join us at the Center to watch great FREE movies. Movies start at 915 am. Friday, December 5 The Horses of McBride 2012 When Nicki discovers two horses stranded deep in the Rocky Mountain snow, she is determined to find a way to set them free. Stars Aidan Quinn, MacKenzie Porter, Kari Matchett MEET EAT CLUB NEWS by Marge Haider Our first pot luck of 2014 was on January 24, and our last pot luck of the year on November 21. How fast time flies when ther

STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES BEAVER DAM SR. CENTER October 24, 2014 Called to order by Kay Appenfeldt at 834 am. Roll Call Present Kay Appenfeldt, Kathy Woock, David Travis, Wayne Schmitz, Terry Zimmerlee, Shirley Rabbitt, Betty Stafford, Donna Fuhrman, Diane Fabini, Gert Miller Program, Evonne Boettge Administrator. Excused Del Schultz, Nancy Wise, Sandy Heiar, Terry Appenfeldt Woodshop, Traci Gmeinder Office Administrator. Mayor Tom Kennedy was also present. Minutes Change minutes last s

REMINISCENT CORNER IT ALL HAPPENED IN DECEMBER 1787 Delaware became the first state to adopt the Constitution of the U.S. 1846 Anesthesia was used for the first time in Britain. 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first powered, controlled airplane flight, marking four flights near Kitty Hawk, NC, the longest lasting about a minute. 1911 Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen, became the first person to reach the South Pole. 1933 The 18th Amendment prohibition to the U.S. Constitution was re

THISTHATAND SOME OTHER THINGS SIGNS Source Unknown At a Perfume Counter Onescent Sale At a Nudist Camp Were never clothed. On a Clothing Store Window Pants 12 Off On a Diaper Service Truck Rockadry Baby On a Restaurants Window Garden of Eaten On a Pet Store Window Chock Full of Mutts At a Walltowall Carpeting Store Say No to Rugs At a Bar If you drive your husband to drink, drive him here. At a Pet Store Next to a Cage of Hamsters Himsters and Hersters On a Distillery Plants Window We

SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB EXTENDED TOURS FLAVORS OF THE SOUTHLOUISIANA APRIL 1118, 2015 Memphis and the New Orleans French Quarter Duck Commander Store Louisiana Creole Nature Trail An amazing 8day Cost 1,339 ppdbl getaway featuring 2 Registration deadline December 11, 2014 nights in New Mayflower TourEnjoy this great opportunity to take Orleans, 2 nights in Lake Charles and 2 nights in in all the scenery as the driver winds his way through Memphis. This tour combines the charm of the South, along wit

VOLUNTEERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Proud Member Of BD Chamber, BRAW, CWAG, Discover Dodge County, Dodge County Historical Society, Downtown BD Inc., Horicon Marsh Bird Club, ICAA, NABS, NCOA, NISC, WASC, WI Natural Resources, WPRA and WVCA. Accredited by the Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers

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