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WELCOME On behalf of the English Language Program ELP, we would like to welcome you to the University of Michigan Flint. The goal of the ELP is to provide highly effective English language instruction

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome ...................................................................................... 2 Table of Contents ...................................................................

Notification of Absences.......................................................... 20 Absence due to Religious Holidays ......................................... 21 Classroom Conduct .................

MISSION In order to meet the personal goals of students seeking admission to the University of MichiganFlint degree programs as well as to those who wish to improve their overall English proficiency,

PLACEMENT AND PROGRESSION Initial Placement Students who do not meet the University of MichiganFlint language proficiency requirement are enrolled in the ELP and take the English Placement Test EPT du

Progression Students advance in levels by successfully completing the course requirements with a grade of C 2.0 or higher. Grading Criteria ELP Listening Speaking and Reading Writing courses will b

REGISTRATION AND FEES Student registration forms are completed by the ELP staff. Students and teachers sign the registration forms before the student starts the assigned class. The academic coordinato

CURRICULUM Course Descriptions ELP 011 Listening Speaking I This course introduces students to the basic skills necessary to interact with classmates, teachers, and community members using appropriat

ELP 031 Listening Speaking III This course prepares students for independent use of listening and speaking skills in academic classes and with community members using appropriate grammatical and disc

compose reflections throughout the experience. An emphasis on pronunciation will assist students in delivering welldeveloped presentations on assigned and selfselected topics. Various course tasks wil

ELP 022 Reading Writing II This course develops students basic skills and strategies in reading to further develop reading comprehension and fluency. Extensive reading or a class novel may be used. S

different aspects of American culture with their own. The end goal of this course is for students to achieve Independent User B2 CEFR. ELP 052 Reading Writing V This course develops students profici

Civic Engagement Students will participate in a levelappropriate Civic Engagement CE project where they will further build their listening and speaking skills, expand their vocabulary in an authentic

ACADEMIC STANDING Each term, all ELP students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a C 2.0 for each course to be considered in good academic standing. Students who fail to mainta

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Americans value originality and individual achievement. These values are reflected in the rules of academic honesty, and students are evaluated academically based on their original

published and use quotation marks if the words are directly copied. Refer to the following website Read the Code of Academic Conduct umflint.edusitesdefaultfilesimportedcasdocumentsAca demicIntegrit

If a resolution is not made, the teacher will inform the academic coordinator, and the student may schedule an appointment to meet with the academic coordinator within one week of the discussion w

the teacher. If a student has a problem with the material presented in class, it is expected that heshe will meet with the teacher during office hours and ask for help. Syllabus Teachers hand out a s

CLASS ATTENDANCE Coming to class every day is important for learning success. All students are expected to arrive at class ontime every day. It is better to be late to class than to skip class. If a s

After reaching a 10 absenteeism level, the ELP Office sends the student an email notification and copies the ELP Academic Coordinator. After reaching a 20 absenteeism level, the ELP Office sends th

Consequences Failure to follow the University of MichiganFlint student code of conduct andor the English Language Program guidelines is subject to disciplinary action. Although it is inappropriate for

Computer Use Computer use is designated for educationalacademic use therefore, students may not check personal email or use instant message or social media during class time. Dress Michigan has four

Tutoring Tutoring by trained tutors is available for students. The ELP offers tutoring specifically designed for students in the program. Students may be tutored in the areas of grammar, reading, spea

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What can I expect when I arrive in Flint If you fly into Flint, you will be greeted at the airport and transported to campus. You should report to the International Center a

How is my level in the ELP determined The scores from your placement test are evaluated by the ELP staff. Based on your results, you will be placed in the appropriate level. Sometimes the result is a

What if I dont agree with my placement Report to your assigned level the first week. If you dont agree with your placement, you can complete a form online to express your grievance. Your scores and in

What is a syllabus It lists when and how the teacher can be contacted. It also includes course requirements, field trips, and cultural events for the term. Your teacher can modify the syllabus, texts,

Is attending class important Attending class every day is important for learning success. You are expected to go to class ontime every day. It is better to be late to class than to skip class. If you

You may be subject to additional attendance rules as outlined in the course syllabus by your teacher. It is better to arrive late than not at all. How will I know if I am at risk with my number of abs

After reaching a 20 absenteeism level, the ELP Office will send you an email instructing you to schedule an appointment with the ELP Academic Coordinator within one week to discuss the attendance issu

The University of Michigan Nondiscrimination Policy The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunityaffirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondis