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English Language Program Student Handbook 803 North Bank Center Phone 810 4245395 Fax 810 4245398 umflint.eduinternationalelp

Welcome to the English Language Program On behalf of the English Language Program ELP, we would like to welcome you to the University of MichiganFlint. The goal of the ELP is to provide highly effecti

MISSION In order to meet the personal goals of students seeking admission to the University of Michigan Flint degree programs as well as to those who wish to improve their overall English proficiency,

Placement Students who do not meet the University of MichiganFlints language proficiency requirement are enrolled in the ELP and take the English Placement Test EPT during orientation or on specified

The academic coordinator and teachers will review the students placement test and other relevant information. Further diagnostic testing may be conducted if necessary. The ELP staff will make its

Registration and Fees Returning student registration forms are prefilled and signed by students and teachers on the first day of the term. The academic coordinator submits registration forms to the Of

CURRICULUM AND PROGRAMS Course Descriptions ELP 011 Listening Speaking I The purpose of this course is to prepare students to interact with classmates and teachers. Students will develop foundational

concepts studied in class and improve students overall communication ability. ELP 041 Listening Speaking IV The purpose of this course is to prepare students to be active listeners and effective spea

ELP 012 Reading Writing I This course introduces students to the basic reading skills and strategies necessary to develop reading comprehension and fluency. Supplemental extensive reading or a class

incorporated in the reading textbook. Form, meaning, and use of grammar are explicitly taught in the context of reading and applied in writing. Through the use of technology and textbooks, students le

usage of explicitly taught higherlevel grammatical structures found in academic writing. Test preparation and strategies are integrated into this course. With the use of technology, this course covers

ducted once per term FallWinterSpring. There is no charge for students in reading and writing levels five and six. Others may register to take the exam for a fee. Call or visit the ELP office for addi

contacted. If a student has a problem with the material presented in class, it is expected that heshe will meet with the teacher during office hours and ask for help. The syllabus also includes course

The ELP uses three types of actions Warning, UporOut, and Dismissal. Warning Warnings are issued to students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 for the first time, but does not drop

Grades Grading Criteria ELP Listening Speaking and Reading Writing courses will be graded based on the following criteria Inclass Activities Homework TestsQuizzes Midterm Exam Final Exam 10 10 20 20

Grading Appeals Process If a student disagrees with a grade heshe has received, the following appeals process must be followed Student must first complete the online ELP Appeals Request Form and then

thing even just to say that they do not know the answer. In most classes, it is okay to give a wrong answer. Participation is factored into the final grade therefore, lack of participation will resul

to skip class. If a student must miss class because of illness, heshe may need to give a doctors excuse to hisher teacher, especially if the illness is prolonged and heshe must miss several classes. T

The following outlines the sequence of communication regarding absences After reaching a 10 absenteeism level, the ELP Office sends the student an email notification and copies the ELP academic coor

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Americans value originality and individual achievement. These values are reflected in the rules of academic honesty and students are evaluated academically based on their original w

Suggestions for avoiding academic misconduct Please refer to the following website Read the Code of Academic Conduct umflint.edusitesdefaultfilesimportedcasdocuments AcademicIntegrity.pdf Ask the tea

CLASSROOM CONDUCT All students are subject to the University of MichiganFlint regulations, codes of conduct, and English Language Program guidelines in addition to the laws of the host country. Studen

Regrettably, some conduct is so harmful to members of the University community or to the educational process that more severe sanctions may be required. The range of potential sanctions is as follows

Smoking Smoking is not permitted in classrooms or in university offices. As of July 1, 2011 smoking is not permitted on campus. Students who wish to smoke must leave campus. DISENROLLMENTWITHDRAWAL P

CEA ACCREDITATION The English Language Program, University of MichiganFlint is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period April 2014 through April 2018 and

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Nondiscrimination Policy Statement The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunityaffirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and a