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INDEPTH MBA FORMAT OPTIONS TRADITIONAL 2032 MONTHS TheTraditionalformatisgearedtowardsstudentswholearnmoreeffectivelyintheclassroomwithcoursesofferedintheeveningontheUMFlintcampus.Smallclass sizesandfrequentmeetingsgreatlyenhanceyourpeerinteractionsandfacultyconsultations,helpingyoutobuildlifelongprofessionalnetworks.Studentstypically enroll in two courses in the fall and winter semesters and one course in the spring and summer. NETPLUS 1524 MONTHS NetPlusisamixedmodeformatthatblendstheanytime,a

International Business Concentration ThreefromMGT536,MGT566,MGT580,MGT586,MGT588,ECN566 Lean Manufacturing Concentration MFGO619,633,635 These courses are offered through Kettering University Marketing Concentration Three from MGT 532, MGT 533, MGT 536, MGT 537 B. All requirements must be completed within seven calendar years of initial enrollment in the program. C. An overall grade point average of at least 5.0 is required for program completion. A grade point average of less than 5.0 constit

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