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International Student Handbook UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGANFLINT A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE University of MichiganFlint 303 E. Kearsley St. 219 UCEN Flint, MI 48502 Phone 810 7620867 Fax 810 7600006 Webs

On behalf of the University of MichiganFlints International Center, I would like to welcome you to our campus and to the City of Flint By choosing this University, you are now a member of our global

INTERNATIONAL CENTER The International Center IC is a university department that establishes a welcoming atmosphere for all students. The IC is home to Undergraduate International Admissions, the Engl

TABLE OF CONTENTS GETTING STARTED Change of Address Health Insurance HOUSING OnCampus OffCampus MONEY AND BANKING Banking Services Checking Account Credit Card Telemarketing U.S. LAWS AND REGULATIONS

ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN THE CLASSROOM Participation Missing Class See Your Professor Get Some Help Take Time to Enjoy Your Campus Experience Important Terms Academic Conduct Academic Misc

GETTING STARTED Things to do before classes begin Check in with the International Center, so we can verify that you have arrived and confirm that you have all the documents needed. Look for a place to

Health Insurance Health insurance is required for all F1 and J1 Visa students and their dependents, and is billed automatically to your student account. The University offers student health insurance

HOUSING OnCampus Built in 2008, the First Street Residence Hall offers modern, state oftheart housing options for students. Residential students at UMFlint can take advantage of downtown Flints growin

When choosing an apartment, consider Furnished or unfurnished a furnished apartment typically comes with furniture including beds, dressers, a couch, chairs, table, appliances, and lamps. You must br

enough money to live in the respective residence. The deposit is a security for the landlord in case of damage to the apartment or if you fail to pay rent. If you leave the apartment in the same condi

Before making your final decision about an apartment, you may want to ask these questions How many minutes does it take to walk or drive to UMFlint Is there a nearby bus stop How much

Renters Insurance Renters insurance is optional. It covers valuable items such as personal computer and electronic equipment. The items covered include theft, flood, fire, etc. If this extra insurance

MONEY AND BANKING Currency American currency, regardless of denomination, is almost the same color and has a similar design. Be sure to check the amount on your bills before you use them to pay for an

You might be able to use your student ID as your identification, but you might find that a Michigan state ID or a Michigan drivers license will be the most sufficient option. When opening a checking a

US LAWS AND REGULATIONS FOR F1 J1 VISA STUDENTS As an international student in the U.S. there are many laws and regulations that must be followed. Not only is it necessary to follow the laws that all

Do not work offcampus without USCIS approval. The student visa prohibits you from working offcampus. You are not in the U.S. to work you are here to study. If leaving the U.S. make sure your I20DS2019

I94 ArrivalDeparture Document The I94 is the little white card that you have to fill out on the plane along with the green card. A customs officer will staple one piece of the white card in your passp

EMPLOYMENT OnCampus Employment As an international Student you are allowed to only work on campus. This is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session. A student may work if he or she foll

Curricular Practical Training Students on an F1 visa who have been enrolled on a fulltime basis for at least eight months may be eligible, through authorization by the institution, for either parttime

J1 Academic Training J1 Exchange Visitors can receive employment training or practical experience related to their field of study by doing the academic training. It is fairly flexible and offers a var

INCOME TAX Like most countries, the U.S. has specific tax regulations that everyone must follow, including international students. Everyone who receives a working income in the U.S. is required to com

W2 Wage and Tax Statement. A form issued annually by the employers. Copies of the W2 must be filed with federal, state and local returns. W4 Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate. A form complet

LEGAL MATTERS International students and scholars in the United States are expected to observe and respect not only laws that govern immigration, but also the same laws as American citizens. Since you

Care of Children It is illegal and unsafe to leave young children unattended in your home or car. If you have to leave your home or car even for a short time, take your child or children with you. Dom

7. If the police want to search your home, ask to see the search warrant, which is issued by a judge and gives the police the right to search your home. The police do not have the right to search your

CULTURAL ADJUSTMENT Experts believe that cultural adjustment often occurs in three stages The Honeymoon Stageexcitement about being in the new country. The Uncomfortable Stage frustration, confusion,

Work on enhancing English skills, especially your conversational skills. Enjoy nature. Walk around campus. Occasionally eat lunch outside in the courtyards. If you need help with the adjustment proces

U.S. CULTURE This information is meant to provide some generalities about people in the United States, but it does not apply to all people in the U.S. Friendship Many people in the U.S. have a number

Talking with Americans Since the United States is a nation of immigrants, international students look as American as students from the U.S. U.S. students are very sensitive about differences, and some

Work Ethic People from the United States tend to value hard work. They value being busy, and often make lists of what they hope to accomplish in a day. You may notice that people in the U.S. walk quic

ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN THE CLASSROOM Educational systems vary from country to country. Here are some things you need to know about academic life at the University of MichiganFlint. In ma

Missing Class You are expected to go to class on time and participate, notify your professor ahead of time if you will be absent or late. It is better to be late to class than to skip class. If you mu

Important terms Syllabus The most important document in the American college course is a syllabus. The syllabus contains the following a list of due dates for all assignments your professors name and

Transcript A record of courses taken and grades received by a student. For a fee, you can order official copies of your transcript from the Registrars Office 266 UPAV. Advising reports Unofficial tran

Sanctions will be noted on the students permanent disciplinary record at the University of MichiganFlint. In the case of academic misconduct by a group of students, all members of the group will be tr

Changing a few words of someone elses work but not acknowledging that the ideas are not your own. When using the ideas of another person, give that persons name and the publication in which the ideas

SAFETY At home Keep your doors locked and do not admit strangers into your apartment or hold the door open for someone you do not know. Close your curtains or blinds at night lock windows and block sl

Avoid dark streets. If you are followed, move away fast, change directions, or walk into a crowded area. Maintain a secure grip on your valuables, i.e., wallet or purse. Be cautious when entering publ

Protect your possessions Keep your books, handbags, and backpacks with you. Do not leave them unattended in classrooms, libraries, or other public places. Do not leave books, cameras, backpacks, or ha

TRANSPORTATION Automobile If you decide to buy a car during your stay in Michigan, please consider the total cost of owning one before you make the purchase. This is a partial list of things you have

Permit Fee Check with the Secretary of State for the current price. The Road Test A company certified by the Michigan Department of State gives the Road Test. You may get a listing of these companies

Traffic Violations If you drive too fast or break a traffic law, you may be stopped by a police officer. If this happens do not panic. Drive to the side of the road and stop. The police officer will c

City buses travel all over the City of Flint, to Courtland Center, and Genesee Valley Center. A special bus also runs to Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. GreyhoundIndian Trails 1401 S. Dort Highw

U.S. HOLIDAY INFORMATION 1 January 3rd Monday in January 3rd Monday in February Last Monday in May 14th June 4th July 1st Monday in September 2nd Monday in October 11th November 4th Thursday in Novemb

Columbus Day, traditionally the 12th of October, celebrates Christopher Columbus Arrival to the Americas in 1492. Veterans Day, also known as Remembrance Day marks the signing of the armistice to sign

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION Time Zones in the United States The U.S has four different time zones Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. There is a one hour difference between the time zones. For in

CAMPUS LIFE Academic Advising Center The Academic Advising Center assists students in accomplishing academic, personal and professional goals by helping them plan their college career. Academic Advisi

Bookstore The bookstore sells books, textbooks, University clothing, office supplies, greeting cards, coffee, and snacks. The Bookstore is located on the first floor of the University Pavilion. Throug

Center for Civic Engagement The Center for Civic Engagement CCE has a ten year history of partnering with faculty members, students, and community members to deliver innovative results by turning idea

Department of Public Safety The Department of Public Safety is for maintaining a safe environment at the University. The departments role is to prevent crime on campus and assist with security related

Ellen Bommarito LGBT Center The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender LGBT Center of the University of MichiganFlint provides advocacy, support, outreach and a safe space for all lesbian, gay, bisex

To learn more about the Greek Organizations, visit the Office of Student Life at 361 UCEN or call 810 7623431. Also visit http www.umflint.edugreek for a list of chapters at UMFlint. Library The Fran

Office of Research The Office of Research provides the UMFlint community with a wide variety of research related services and workshops. We also offer research related employment opportunities to unde

Registrars Office The Registrars Office offers class registration services and assistance. This office is also where you would go to add andor drop classes after the semester has started. The office h

Urban Health and Wellness Center UHWC There are two certified Adult Nurse Practitioners available for all students at the University. The UHWC can treat some conditions for a onetime fee. Services inc

DINING IN DOWNTOWN FLINT 501 Tapas Bar 500 S. Saginaw St. Blackstones Grill 531 S. Saginaw St. Churchills Food and Spirits 340 S. Saginaw St. www.churchi




Nondiscrimination Policy Statement The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunityaffirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and a