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BE READY Table of Contents 6 Bentley MBA 8 Emerging Leaders MBA 10 Professional MBA 14 Master of Science in Accountancy 16 Master of Science in Business Analytics 18 Master of Science in Finance 20 Master of Science in Financial Planning 22 Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design 24 Master of Science in Information Technology 26 Master of Science in Marketing Analytics 28 Master of Science in Taxation 30 Dual Degrees 32 Graduate Courses 34 Campus and Community 36 Academic Resour

FOR EVERY NEXT Wherever you stand now in your professional life, graduate study at Bentley University delivers expert preparation for whats next. Whether you are launching a career, advancing in your chosen field, or breaking into a new industry, the Bentley Graduate School combines distinctive programs, resources and experiences to maximize your return on investment. You will n Build both general business knowledge and specialized expertise to add value across your organization n Learn from fa



ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Student centered, market driven, future focused Each graduate program at Bentley is precisely tailored around the needs of students and demands of employers within a given field of business. At the same time, a set of shared commitments adds strength across the MBA and Master of Science portfolios. Common elements include Dynamic courses taught by experts. Graduate courses are developed by faculty with industrytested expertise, and informed by input from corporate leaders. So y

3 MBA PROGRAMS BENTLEY MBA The groundbreaking Bentley MBA takes a dramatically different approach to business education. This 11month program replaces the traditional classroom setting with a powerful studio model that emphasizes collaboration. A select group of highly motivated students pursue four 10week themes Innovation, Value, Environments and Leadership. During three fieldbased trips two of them international students examine the role of business in different cultures and how organizati

The Bentley MBA on honing the students individual leadership style. Where innovation and leadership meet The Bentley MBA is a dramatic departure from traditional business education. Transformed in both content and delivery, the 11month, fulltime program focuses Four Integrated Themes Through a groundbreaking collaboration by faculty in business and the arts and sciences, the Bentley MBA foregoes standard courses to engage students in four 10week themes Innovation, Value, Environments and Leade

Bentley MBA Curriculum Explore the psychology of innovation, personal creativity, the use of design and creativity in business, and how leadership can sustain innovation. MODULES Theme One Innovation Theme Three Environments Go beyond the boundaries of the firm to understand the importance of culture. Investigate the roles that social networks and local contexts play in business decisions. MODULES Psychology of Innovation Personal Creativity Design for Business Sustaining Innovation TOPICS I

Emerging Leaders MBA Tailored mix of academic study and realworld skills Todays business leaders want graduates who can hit the ground running and bring real and lasting value to their organization. The Emerging Leaders MBA program is designed specifically for young professionals and provides the knowledge, confidence and experience required to make immediate contributions upon being hired. Firm Grounding in Business Students without an undergraduate business background will begin the program b

MULTIPLY YOUR EXPERTISE Understanding how organizations can leverage information technology to improve key business processes is a necessity in todays complex business environment. Bentleys MSMBA program offers a rare, ready path for building expertise that is well balanced between management and technology. The curriculum combines the breadth of the Emerging Leaders MBA with the deep technical skills of the MS in Information Technology. The focus on aligning process and technology change to mee

Professional MBA A remarkable degree of flexibility The Professional MBA program meets the specialized needs of individuals who are adding graduate study to an already busy work schedule and family life. Customized to Your Goals As a student in the Professional MBA program, you learn the fundamentals of marketing, accounting, finance and information systems then apply the lessons to analyze business processes such as product development, sales and customer service. Though not required, concent

IN HIS ELEMENT David Pietrycha MBA SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, NBC NEWS Seven years after completing his MBA at Bentley, David Pietrycha finds himself at the top of NBC News. The networks news programming and businesses, including Today and Dateline, are under his watch as senior VP and CFO. News is a very dynamic business, he says. You cant know what the news cycle is going to be, which means you dont know how much money youll have to spend covering it. At the same time,

8 MS PROGRAMS A Master of Science program develops expertise in a specific business discipline and positions you well for leading companies and other organizations. ANALYTICS AND TECHNOLOGY Bentleys Analytics and Technology degrees offer an educational fusion of data and business, giving you the tools needed to master information, integrate it into successful business practice, and communicate the results like never before. Business Analytics Continues Bentleys long tradition of training ana

RISING TO THE TOP Theresa Bresten MSF VICE PRESIDENT AND TREASURER, HP HOOD Theresa Bresten developed a taste for challenge early on. My parents stressed the importance of learning new things, she says. I was taught that I shouldnt limit myself. That nourishing lesson in selfconfidence has helped take Bresten to the upper reaches of corporate America, most recently, as vice president and treasurer for HP Hood LLC. I have the opportunity to provide leadership in making business decisions on a mul

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTANCY Bentley is a longstanding and recognized leader in accounting education. The Master of Science in Accountancy MSA was the first such program in Massachusetts to gain the prestigious separate accountancy accreditation from AACSB International the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The program has earned a top 25 spot in a national ranking by the Public Accounting Report. Professional Development Accounting professionals can boost their marke

THRIVING ON CHANGE Courtney Somerville MSA ADVISORY ASSOCIATE, FORENSIC SERVICES GROUP, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS Working with complex federal regulations that change with feverish frequency would strike some as a nightmare scenario. Courtney Somerville says, bring it on. Her group at PricewaterhouseCoopers Forensic Services helps a client base of government contractors stay in compliance no matter how often or how profoundly the regulations shift, she explains. Our clients need proper controls t

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS Big data has become big business. And, as the field of business analytics grows, so does the demand for qualified professionals with deep analytical experience. In fact, Forbes magazine reports that, while todays business leaders have more and more data at their fingertips, they lack the highly skilled workforce needed to harness this information and turn it into successful practice. The Master of Science in Business Analytics MSBA continues Bentleys long

LEVERAGING DATA Mingfei Li ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES BENTLEY MSBA PROGRAM DIRECTOR What is business analytics and why is it transforming so many industries Business analytics is the science that integrates data analysis, computer science and operations research in various business environments. It supports many key business functions, including decision making, optimized actions, and predictions. Why are big data and business analytics so frequently mentioned toget

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE The Master of Science in Finance MSF program effectively integrates technology into the curriculum to give graduates a competitive edge in the job market. Our worldclass Hughey Center for Financial Services is well equipped with stateoftheart hardware, access to bestofbreed databases, and simulation software programs all of which deliver a working knowledge of the tools and techniques used in industry today. Developing Expertise The MSF program develops skills in

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Jennifer Cao MSF RISK ASSURANCE ASSOCIATE, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS With a graduate degree from Bentley, Jennifer Cao is sure of her ability to help companies manage risk. The curriculum design, very dedicated professors, and an active intellectual environment make Bentley finance courses great, says Cao, who advises PwC clients on minimizing risks associated with business processes and information technology as well as ensuring governance and compliance for the organization

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCIAL PLANNING The wave of baby boomers entering retirement is fueling demand for financial planning expertise. Indeed, U.S. News World Report ranks financial planning among the coming decades fastest growing fields, in offering aboveaverage salaries, flexible work arrangements, and strong professional networks for skilled practitioners. As the first and only academic institution in New England to offer a masters degree in financial planning, Bentley University builds

VALUE ADDED Dan Flanagan MSFP SENIOR MANAGING DIRECTOR, LEXINGTON WEALTH MANAGEMENT Gazing into the future is the stuff of everyday work for Dan Flanagan and he wouldnt have it any other way. The financial planner and investment manager started out as a CPA. Seven years into it, I found I lacked passion for the work, he explains. It was all review of past events I wanted to focus forward. The field of financial planning was a powerful draw and Bentley topped his list of choices to prepare for

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN FACTORS IN INFORMATION DESIGN At Bentley, the user experience UX begins with a solid understanding of human behavior, enriched by indepth user research that leads to product insights and design innovation. Students gain a keen appreciation for the strategic role of UX in building competitive advantage for companies and other organizations. ValueAdded Skills The MSHFID program cultivates a deep understanding of human behavior and perception to inform product design an

THE MSHFID PROGRAM IS ALSO OFFERED IN SAN FRANCISCO. STUDENTS TAKE FOUR OF THE REQUIRED COURSES IN CALIFORNIA, FIVE COURSES ONLINE, AND THE 10TH COURSE AT BENTLEYS USER EXPERIENCE CENTER. EMERGING INDUSTRY Diego Mendes MSHFID USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER AND RESEARCHER, CHEGG Diego Mendes calls choosing the Human Factors in Information Design program at Bentley a nobrainer. The program taught us how people think, how they interact with products, he says. Because of this, my design decisions are mu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Recent rankings by U.S. News World Report place the Master of Science in Information Technology MSIT program 18 in the nation and 3 in New England. The program imparts current technical knowledge of information systems as the field is reshaped by ITenabled business processes, web technologies, distributed architectures, new infrastructure standards, and advances in mobile computing. Ready to Lead The MSIT program prepares professionals for careers t

GIVING PASSION A PLACE AT THE OFFICE Greg Avola MSIT COFOUNDER AND CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER, UNTAPPD Greg Avola designed his first website at age 13. Some people love books some love going to the movies, he observes. My passion is coding. I could do it 24 hours a day. Today, Avola is a New York Citybased web developer whose latest venture aims to bring the world together over a cold beer. He cofounded and serves as chief technical officer for Untappd, a social media platform that is changing how

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING ANALYTICS Developed in consultation with marketing, database and marketing research firms, the Master of Science in Marketing Analytics MSMA program meets the changing needs of todays global, informationdriven marketing environment. Students gain the critical expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis that is in high demand among leading companies across a range of industries. Professional Development Marketing professionals can boost their career prospec

GAINING INSIGHT Michele Masnaghetti MSMA SENIOR INSIGHT ANALYST, ABACUS, A DIVISION OF EPSILON Michele Masnaghetti wanted to get down to business. Thats why he chose Bentley. I liked the sharply focused marketing analytics program, he says. And it was important that I could complete it in one year. The dual expertise in marketing and analysis helped Masnaghetti start his career as a statistician and data miner at the Boston office of Epsilon and to earn his current post with the companys U.K. d

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN TAXATION The Master of Science in Taxation MST program offers exceptional opportunities to gain the academically based professional knowledge that is critical for success in todays business environment. First offered in 1974, the MST at Bentley is the largest graduate tax program in New England and one of the largest in the country, with more than 3,000 alumni. Learn on Campus or Online All tax courses are available on campus and online to maximize flexibility and convenie

DECODING THE TAX CODE Bruce McLean MST REVENUE AGENT, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE For Bruce McLean, insights in the classroom have translated into confidence in the field. When I saw Bentleys wide variety of tax courses, I knew this was the place for me, he says. I also saw that Bentleys reputation in the field would help me after graduation. The quality of instruction in the Master of Science in Taxation program is excellent, he reports. The professors are very knowledgeable, with many years of e

DUAL DEGREES Organizations of all kinds have stepped up the search for employees with both a broad understanding of business, leadership and strategy, as well as deep skills in a specific area. Bentley was among the first to give students an avenue for gaining general management skills and focused expertise in a particular business field. In addition to the integrated MSMBA, the university offers Dual Degree programs through which students can typically earn two graduate credentials in three yea

TWICE THE IMPACT Frances Karandy MBA, MSHFID PRINCIPAL USER EXPERIENCE RESEARCHER, PRODUCT DESIGN GROUP, CITRIX SYSTEMS The principles of design have always intrigued Frances Karandy. A former fine arts major, she paid close attention to how the presentation of information could help, or hinder, communication among individuals and groups. When she decided to pursue graduate study, the Dual Degree program at Bentley caught her eye right away. It was important to me to obtain both degrees, says K

GRADUATE COURSES Check the degree requirements for the individual program to determine whether a particular course applies some have prerequisites. Here are examples of courses that may be available. ACCOUNTING Advanced AIS Modeling Effective Accounting Information Systems Advanced Topics in Financial Accounting Advanced Topics in Managerial Accounting Business Processes and Systems Assessment Business Reporting and Analysis Cost Accounting Directed Study Seminar Federal Income Taxation Financia

Managing a UserCentered Design Team Measuring the User Experience Prototyping Theory and Practice Research Methods for Human Factors Special Topics in Human Computer Interaction Testing and Assessment Programs User Experience Thesis Visualizing Information MANAGEMENT The Business of Biotechnology Competing in a Global Marketplace Analysis of the Business Environment Field Project in Change Management International Management Behavior Internship in Management Interpersonal Behavior in Management

CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY Your education at Bentley goes well beyond the classroom. Youll join a dynamic community of graduate students from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives ready to share. The opportunity to learn and network across the business spectrum and beyond adds value to your experience. Housing Bentley offers comfortable, convenient housing for graduate students in four apartment buildings located on Forest Street, about a halfmile from the main campu


ACADEMIC RESOURCES Graduate students at Bentley can tap resources with a depth and breadth more typical of a much larger school, to fully explore their chosen field and understand business in its broadest context. Graduate Student and Academic Services Graduate Student and Academic Services supports student learning through an intentionally structured cocurricular experience. Programs and services are directed toward fostering academic achievement and sustaining community values and expectation

The Bentley Library The Bentley Library is the hub of the academic life on campus. Investments in this building through the years have made it one of the most advanced business libraries in the world. A dynamic resource that supports intensive research, quiet study and group collaboration, the library earned a recent 14inthenation ranking by the Princeton Review. Students have ready access to stateoftheart online resources and to extensive book collections housed in electronic compact shelving.

TECHNOLOGY To stay on the cutting edge, you need to live there. Thats why Bentley is constantly at work providing an immersive learning environment that emulates realworld business conditions, with some of the most advanced technologies around. From day one, students use relevant, emerging tools in accounting, finance, marketing, information design and other fields. Simply put If they use it out there, youll find it here. In the Classroom Bentley classrooms are equipped with network connections


YOUR CAREER Fast forward your professional goals with the expert help of Graduate Career Services GCS. From your first day on campus, GCS supports your career development with innovative, personalized service and an evolving array of highcaliber tools and programs. Our goal is to be your partner in the process, helping you make informed decisions about choosing, changing or advancing your career. Individual Support, Lifetime Benefits GCS is committed to supporting each students individuality an

Online Job Postings The BentleyLink system is the premier online resource for job and internshipseekers, with companies posting positions specifically targeted to Bentley graduate students. The webbased campus recruiting program enables you to apply for jobs and internships, and interview with recruiters who come to campus. With a password supplied by the Recruiting Office, students can electronically access current listings, 24 hours a day. Each year, more than 400 local, regional and national

APPLYING TO BENTLEY The Bentley Graduate School of Business seeks highly motivated individuals with outstanding professional and educational credentials who will contribute to the learning experience of other graduate students. The Admission Committee looks for a sense of career direction and commitment, along with a match between an applicants professional goals and the educational objectives of the intended masters degree program. Admission Process and Requirements Individual graduate program

CONNECT WITH US The Graduate Admission team is committed to providing complete support during the admission process. Staff members work to make the experience as seamless as possible, while maintaining students privacy at all times. We encourage you to explore the portfolio of programs and contact us as needed by phone 781.891.2108 or by email bentleygraduate ADMISSION Bentley Graduate School of Business Bentley University 175 Forest Street Waltham, MA 02452 USA Telephone

APPLICATION DEADLINES PROGRAM START DATE SEND COMPLETED APPLICATION BY ADMISSION DECISION MAILED FULLTIME STUDY All Programs Fall 2014 Round 1 December 1 Round 2 January 20 Round 3 March 15 January 15 March 15 May 1 PARTTIME STUDY Professional MBA MS Programs FULLTIME STUDY International applicants Selected Programs See Note 5 PARTTIME STUDY Professional MBA MS Programs Notes 1. All applicants interested in beginning their studies in the summer are strongly encouraged to apply in Round 1. 2. A

FOR MORE INFORMATION Office of Graduate Admission MAIL Bentley University 175 Forest Street Waltham, MA 02452 USA WEB bentley.edugraduate or toll free 1 800.442.4723 PHONE 1 781.891.2108 FAX EMAIL 1 781.891.2464

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