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CONDITIONS OF SALE The following Conditions of Sale and, if applicable, the AbsenteeTelephone Bid Form in the back of this catalogue, as they may be amended by any posted notices or oral announcements

FINE AUCTION AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN ART Wednesday, October 23, 2013 6 PM Previews Tuesday, October 22, 6 PM8 PM and Wednesday, October 23, 10 AM5 PM Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of

ABBREVIATIONS l.r l.l. l.c. lower right lower left lower center u.l. u.r. b.r. upper left upper right below right Am. Br. Eur. American British European Fr. Ger. It. etc. France German Italian

Sandra Richardson Gallery Manager William J. Milliken Auction Expediter Jay York Photographer Sam Elowitch Catalog Editor and Webmaster William Edward OReilly Auctioneer and Consultant Anthony Moore P


Property from the Wiesenfeld Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 1 EDOUARD LEON CORTES Fr. 18821969 Place de la Bourse Signed Edouard Cortes l.r. Oil on panel 101312 in. 25.434.3 cm Provenance Hammer Galleri

Property from the Wiesenfeld Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 2 JEAN VAN DEN EECKHOUDT Bel. 18751946 Sous LOranges Dated and signed Mar 08 Van Den Eeckhoudt l.r. Oil on Masonite 161212 in. 40.631.8 cm 1

Property from the Wiesenfeld Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 3 ANTOINE VOLLON Fr. 18331910 Still Life Monogrammed V c.r Oil on panel 129 in. 30.522.9 cm Provenance Galleries Maurice Sternberg, Chicago la

5 JEAN BAPTISTE CONY Fr. 18281873 The Hunt Signed Cony l.r. Oil on canvas 231232 in. 59.781.3 cm 1,5002,500 10

6 CORNELIS KUYPERS Dutch 18641932 In the Woods Signed Cornelis Kuypers l.l. Oil on canvas 152212 in. 38.157.2 cm 1,5002,500 11

Property from the Wiesenthal Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 7 NARCISSE VIRGILE DIAZ DE LA PEA Fr. 18071876 Wooded Landscape with Woman on a Path Signed N. Diaz l.l. Oil on panel 1216 in. 30.540.6 cm 2,0

9 FLORENT CRABEELS Fl. 18291896 The Cavaliers Signed F. Crabeels and dated illegibly l.r. Oil on canvas 13121634 in. 34.342.5 cm Property of John Dunham, Raymond, Maine Provenance By descent 2,0003,00

11 SEVERO RODRIGUEZ ETCHART Argentinian 18651903 A Comforting Hand Signed Rodriguez l.l. Oil on wood panel 25121812 in. 64.847.0 cm 4,0006,000 14

12 HARRY E. J. BROWNE Br. 19th C. Music of the Lute Signed Harry J. Browne l.l. Oil on canvas 3060 in. 76.2152.4 cm Provenance Auction, James D. Julia, Inc., August 24, 2011, lot 2200 A painting by Br

13 CARL MORGENSTERN Ger. 18111893 Woods and Distant Fields Inscribed Stempel Nachlass Carl Morgenstern and Partie Bei...Albano verso Oil probably on paper mounted on board 111217 in. 29.243.2 cm Prope

Property from the Wiesenthal Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 14 ATTRIBUTED TO CORNELIUS BEGA Dutch 16311664 Tavern Scene Oil on wood panel 9348 in. 24.820.3 cm Exhibition Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Muse

Property from the Wiesenthal Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 16 ATTRIBUTED TO ANTON DE GRYEFF Fl. 16571715 The Hunter, His Dogs, and the Catch, A Pair Oils on canvas Each 12121512 in. Each 31.839.4 cm 2,

17 PROBABLY CIRCLE OR SCHOOL OF ANTHONY VAN DYCK AFTER A PORTRAIT BY VAN DYCK Fl. 15991641 Portrait of Spanish Commander Ambrogio Spinola Oil on canvas 17341614 in. 45.141.3 cm Provenance A San Diego

Property from the Wiesenthal Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 18 JAN EVERT MOREL Dutch 17771808 Landscape with figure in the road, gathering wood Oil on wood panel 9141234 in. 23.532.4 cm Provenance F. E

20 HARRY NEYLAND Am. 18771958 Luxembourg Gardens Gate, Paris Signed Harry Neyland l.r. Oil on board 8141014 in. 21.026.0 cm 2,5003,500 21 SUZANNE EISENDIECK Fr. 19081998 Femme Avec Voile Rose Signed

22 WILLIAM CALLOW Br. 18121908 Off the Cliffs of Dover Signed W. G. Callow l.r. Oil on canvas 1626 in. 40.666.0 cm 2,5003,500 22

23 EDWIN DOUGLAS Br. 18601918 Puppy Signed with the monogram E.D. c.r. Oil on board 1513 in. 38.133.0 cm Property from an estate, Whitehouse, New Jersey Exhibition William Secord Gallery, New York lab

26 JOHANN CHRISTOPH FRISCH Dutch 17381815 City View, Holland Signed J. C. Frisch l.l. Oil on canvas 183014 in. 45.776.8 cm 1,2001,800 27 BRITISH OR CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Late 19th C.Early 20th C. A Wist

28 THEODORE CERIEZ Fl. 18311904 A Serious Discussion Signed T. Ceriez l.r. Oil on panel 141812 in. 35.647.0 cm 3,0005,000 25

29 IVAN CHOULTSE Rus. 18771932 Vue sur Monte Carlo Signed I. F. Choultse l.l. Oil on canvas 2632 in. 66.081.3 cm Property of John and Joanne Payson, Hobe Sound, Florida Provenance By descent in the Pa

Property from the Wiesenthal Estate, Colonia, New Jersey 30 FRANOIS GALL Fr. 19121987 Beach Scene Oil on canvas 14121712 in. 36.844.5 cm 1,5002,500 31 YVONNE CANU Fr. 19212007 Le Petit Port Signed Y

32 FRENCH SCHOOL First quarter 20th C. Menton on the Riviera Signed MH l.r. Oil on canvas 3030 in. 76.276.2 cm Property from a Maine home 4,0006,000 28

33 REMO FARRUGGIO It. 19041981 Sea Reflections, Monhegan 2 Signed R. Farruggio l.r. Oil on canvas 5060 in. 127.0152.4 cm 3,0005,000 34 REMO FARRUGGIO It. 19061981 Composition No. 3 Signed R. Farruggi

Lots 35 and 36 CHEN CHI Am.Chinese 19122005 Both signed and dated Chen Chi 1976 l.l. both bearing the Chinese stamp l.r. and an inscription vertically, probably a signature as well, in Chinese calligr

Lots 37 and 38 are the property of a Maine family by descent. 37 SHIKO MUNAKATA Japanese 19031975 Koidakihi no saku Signed and stamped Munakata 1957 b.l. Woodcut 12128 in. 31.820.3 cm 2,5003,500 38

39 KITAGAWA UTAMARO Japanese 17531806 Courtesan with Handkerchief ca. 1795 Signed in Japanese b.l. Woodcut 1410 in. 35.625.4 cm Property of a Cumberland Foreside family 4,0006,000 Property of a Maine

41 FREDERICK ARTHUR BRIDGMAN Am. 18471928 At the Fountain Signed and dated F. A. Bridgman 1878 l.r. Oil on canvas 101414 in. 26.035.6 cm Property From a Maine collection Provenance By descent 6,0009,0

42 JANE PETERSON Am. 18761965 Street Scene, Biskra Signed Jane Peterson l.r. Oil on canvas 1824 in. 45.761.0 cm 20,00030,000 34

43 MARGUERITE ZORACH Am. 18871968 Palestine Signed with the M l.r. Oil on board 1134912 in. 29.824.1 cm Provenance Private collection, Boston 10,00015,000 35

44 GEORGE GROSZ Ger. 18931959 No. 73 Restaurant, Berlin ca. 1925 Signed Grosz b.r. and titled No. 73 Restaurant b.l. Watercolor 1724 in. image 43.261.0 cm image 18122512 in. paper 47.064.8 cm paper P


45 GERHARD RICHTER Ger. b. 1932 Clouds Signed and dated Richter 69 in pencil, b.r. signed, in part illegibly, Richter, ...1932 the artists birth date Waltersdorf Liebdruck 1969 and inscribed with a pr

46 ENRICO NARDI It. 18641947 Young Italian Girl with Basket Signed E. Nardi l.l. Watercolor 21121412 in. 54.636.8 cm 1,2001,800 48 ORLANDO NORIE Br. 18321901 Armed Soldiers Behind an Embankment Signed

49 ANDR DERAIN Fr. 18801954 Blue Landscape Signed Derain l.l. Oil on canvas 9121112 in. 24.129.2 cm Property of Michael Lazrus, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and Ogunquit, Maine Provenance Jay Kaye Lazrus

50 FELIPE CASTANEDA Mex. b. 1933 Woman Standing with Vessel Signed Castaneda 1980 on the base Bronze 331312 in. 83.834.3 cm Provenance Private collection, New York 9,00012,000 41

51 ABIGAIL OSGOOD WILLIAMS Am. 18231913 A View of Mt. Vesuvius from Capri in the Bay of Naples Signed, dated. and inscribed A. O. Williams, Roma, 1861 l.l. Oil on canvas 243814 in. 61.097.2 cm Provena

52 WILLIAM BRADFORD Am. 18231892 Iceberg off the Newfoundland Coast Oil on canvas 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm. Property of a Maine family Provenance Vose Galleries, Boston label verso with title as above To

53 AMERICAN SCHOOL 19th C. Their Favorite Things Oil on canvas 26121912 in. 67.349.5 cm Provenance Alice and Murray Braunfeld, Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California To the current owner, a pers

54 JOHN ROLLIN TILTON Am. 18281888 Rural Scene, 1850, A View of Concord in the Distance from Tilton, New Hampshire Titled, dated, and signed Rural Scene 1850 Tilton in the artists hand verso Oil on ca

55 WARREN SHEPPARD Am. 18581937 Twilight, Summers Day Signed Warren Sheppard l.l. Oil on canvas 1628 in. 40.671.1 cm 2,0003,000 46

56 BENJAMIN CHAMPNEY Am. 18171907 Roses Signed B. Champney l.l. Oil on canvas 2416 in. 61.040.6 cm 5,0007,000 47

57 HARRISON BIRD BROWN Am. 18311915 Shipwreck Signed and dated HB Brown 69 l.r. Oil on canvas 1322 in. 33.055.9 cm Property of a Maine gentleman 2,5003,500 Oil on canvas 1526 in. 38.166.0 cm Property

59 WILLIAM VERPLANCK BIRNEY Am. 1858 1909 A Sensitive Moment Signed W. Verplanck Birney, A.N.A. l.l. Oil on board 2030 in. 50.876.2 cm 2,0003,000 60 BEN AUSTRIAN Am. 1870 1921 The Newborn Chick Signe

HARRISON BIRD BROWN Am. 18311915 61 Tuckermans Ravine Signed H.B. Brown l.r. Oil on fiberboard 1012714 in. 26.718.4 cm Property of a Cape Elizabeth family 1,5002,500 62 River Landscape Signed HBB l.

63 SETH STEWARD 18441927 Moosehead Region Signed and dated S. W. Steward 1912 verso Oil on board 9141214 in. 23.531.1 cm 1,2001,800 64 DANIEL SANTRY Am. 18591922 Lakeside Cottages Signed Daniel Santr

65 ALFRED S. MIRA Am. 19001981 A Rainy Day in the City Signed Mira l.r. Oil on canvas 2329 in. 58.473.7 cm 6,0009,000 52

66 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Fish, ca. 1973 Painted wood relief 2431 in. 61.078.7 cm Property of a Maine collector Provenance Payson Art Enterprise label verso 5,0007,000 53

67 WILLIAM ZORACH Am. 18871966 First Steps Signed Zorach at the bottom of the subjects left leg Bronze 74 in. 17.810.2 cm Provenance Estate of Laurence Rockefeller Auction, Sothebys New York, October

69 LIN LISBERGER Am. b. 1951 Untitled Coil Wood 4612 in. 116.830.5 cm Property of a family, Maine and Florida 1,5002,500 70 LEONARD BASKIN Am. 19222000 Untitled Initialed L.B. on the bronze base Bron

71 ALFRED HUTTY Am. 18771954 Under the Spanish Moss Inscribed, in part illegibly, To LibbyMemory of a... Alfred Hutty l.r. Watercolor 15122212 in. 39.457.2 cm 9,00012,000 56

72 MILDRED GIDDINGS BURRAGE Am. 18901983 Cactus, Western Desert, probably Arizona Signed Mildred G. Burrage l.l. and dated 1932 l.r. Oil on board 15341134 in. 40.029.8 cm Property of April Martin, Sim

73 WALTER KOENIGER Am. 18811943 Winter River Signed W. Koeniger l.l. Oil on canvas 3537 in. 88.994.0 cm Property of Edmund Dandridge, Parsonsfield, Maine 2,0003,000 74 HARRY HOFFMAN Am. 18711964 Spri

76 WILLIAM PARTRIDGE BURPEE Am. 18461940 The Dock at Criehaven, 1905 Oil on canvas 19122312 in. 49.559.7 cm Provenance Gleason Fine Art, Boothbay Harbor and Portland, Maine Auction, Thomaston Place Au

77 WILLIAM EDWARD NORTON Am. 18421916 Early Morning on the Bay Signed W. L. Norton l.l. Oil on board 614812 in. 15.9421.6 cm 2,0003,000 78 FRANK HENRY SHAPLEIGH Am. 18421906 Windy and Sunny Florida B

79 WILLARD LEROY METCALF Am. 18581925 Autumn Landscape Oil on canvas 161814 in. 41.035.6 cm Provenance Hirschl Adler Galleries, New York, Original label and yellow inventory sticker verso, both beari

80 ANTHONY THIEME Am. 18881954 Wet Morning Signed Thieme l.r. Oil on canvas 3036 in. 76.291.4 cm 20,00030,000 62

81 ATTRIBUTED TO FRANK DUVENECK Am. 18481919 Portrait of a Young Woman Oil on canvas 2218 in. 55.945.7 cm Provenance Private collection, Westwood Village, California By descent in a Boston family 3,00

83 EDWARD WILLIS REDFIELD Am. 18691965 House and Garden, Monhegan Signed and titled E. W. Redfield, Monhegan l.l. Oil on panel 912 in. 22.930.5 cm 10,00015,000 64

84 ABBOTT GRAVES Am. 18591936 In the Garden signed Abbott Graves l.r. Oil on canvas 2420 in. 61.050.8 cm Property of the estate of Dorothy Cleveland, Windham, Maine 40,00060,000 65

85 EMILE GRUPPE Am. 18961978 Rockport Beach Signed Emile A. Gruppe l.r. 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 6,0009,000 66

86 REYNOLDS BEAL Am. 18661951 Montauk Point from Great Eastern Rock Buoy Oil on canvas 142114 in. 35.654.0 cm Literature Impressionist Landscapes and Seascapes by Sidney Bressler with a biographical e

87 GEORGE HOWELL GAY Am. 1858 1931 Two Landscapes and a Seascape 3 Watercolors All signed Geo. Howell Gay l.l. or l.r. Sight sizes clockwise from the top 1727 in. 43.68.6 cm 9141914 in. 23.548.9 cm Pr

90 ROBERT HENRI Am. 18651929 Rocky Shore, Monhegan and House, Monhegan Signed Robert Henri l.l. on the Monhegan Shore side Doublesided oil on panel 46 in. 10.215.2 cm Provenance Louis Katz Gallery, Ne

91 FRANCIS LOUIS MORA Am. 18741940 Boys Fishing Signed F. Louis Mora l.r. Oil on canvas 3025 in. 76.263.5 cm 4,0006,000 70

92 PROSPER L. SENAT 18521925 Along the Paget Road, Bermuda Signed, inscribed, and dated Prosper L. Senat, Bermuda, 1909 l.l. Watercolor and gouache 3525 in. 88.963.5 cm The current lot is a larger ver

93 STEPHEN SCOTT YOUNG Am. b. 1957 Kids Game Signed SS Young l.r. Watercolor with drybrush on paper 1622 in. 40.655.9 cm 30,00040,000 72

94 STEPHEN SCOTT YOUNG Am. b. 1957 Quentin and Andre Signed and dated SS Young 85 l.r. Watercolor 171213 in. 44.533.0 cm 15,00020,000 73

95 MAURICE STERNE Am. 18781957 Out of Gas, 1938 Signed and dated M. Sterne 238 l.r. Watercolor 141218 in. 36.845.7 cm 1,5003,000 74

96 JOHN WHORF Am. 19031959 Fishermen Working the Shoreline Signed John Whorf l.l. Watercolor 1523 in. 38.158.4 cm Provenance Estate of Carl Otto von Kienbusch, New York By descent to his grandson, the

97 AMANDA BREWSTER SEWELL Am. 18591926 Gull Rock, Monhegan Signed A.B. Sewell l.l. Oil on board 1520 in. 38.150.8 cm 2,0003,000 l.l. Oil on Academy board 6121212 in. 16.531.8 cm 98 IRA HAMILTON Am.

100 STEPHEN PACE Am. 19182010 Lobster Boats at Green Head Signed and dated Pace 04 l.r. Oil on canvas 4252 in. 106.7132.1 cm 6,0009,000 77

101 HAYLEY LEVER Am. 18751958 Tower Bridge, London Signed Hayley Lever l.l. and inscribed in part Cornwall verso the rest of the inscription illegible Oil on canvas 1418 in. 35.645.7 cm Property of An

102 ROSS TURNER Am. 18471915 Garden by the Sea, Bermuda, ca. 1890 Signed and titled Ross TurnerBermuda l.l. Watercolor and gouache 139 in. 33.022.9 cm 9,00012,000 79

Lots 103 and 104 are the property of Roy Bernstein, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey by descent in the family. 103 JOSEPH DE MARTINI Am. 18961984 View of New York from Weehawken Signed Joseph De Martini l.

104 JOSEPH DE MARTINI Am. 18961984 Six Day Bicycle Race, Madison Square Garden Signed Joseph De Martini l.r. Oil on board 151814 in. 38.146.4 cm 4,0006,000 81

105 CHARLES WOODBURY Am. 18641940 Rainbow, Granada, West Indies Signed Charles H. Woodbury l.l. Oil on board 1217 in. 30.543.2 cm 3,0005,000 1014 in. 25.435.6 cm 2,0003,000 106 CHARLES WOODBURY Am.

107 CHARLES H. DAVIS Am. 18561933 Afternoon Shadows, Mystic, Connecticut, ca. 1910 Signed Charles H. Davis l.l. Oil on canvas 2027 in. 50.868.6 cm Provenance Vose Galleries, Boston label verso with ti

108 HANS MOLLER Am. 19052000 The Blue Roof Signed Moller 75 l.r. also signed and titled as above verso 5040 in. 127.0101.6 cm Exhibitions Midtown Galleries, New York label verso Hobe Sound Galleries N

109 HARRY HOFFMAN Am. 18711964 Salt Kettle Signed H. Hoffman l.r. Oil on panel 3032 in. 76.281.3 cm 60,00090,000 85

110 GUSTAV CIMIOTTI Am. 18751969 Across Harrington Sound, Bermuda Signed Cimiotti l.l. Oil on canvasboard 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm 4,0006,000 86

111 JON LEGERE Am. 19441996 The Park Signed and dated John Legere, 197.. l.l. Oil on canvas 1622 in. 40.655.9 cm Property of Jane Burdett, West Moreland, New Hampshire 1,5002,500 87

Lots 112, 113, and 122 by Robert Van Vorst Sewell and lots 97 and 99 by Amanda Brewster Sewell are from an estate, Tucson. 112 ROBERT VAN VORST SEWELL Am. 18601924 Fish Market, Monhegan, with a View

113 ROBERT VAN VORST SEWELL Am. 18601924 Swim Beach, Monhegan Oil on canvas Signed R.V. Sewell l.r. 3525 in. 88.963.5 cm 6,0009,000 89

114 AMERICAN SCHOOL Early to mid20th C. In the Mirror Oil on canvas 5036 in. 127.091.4 cm Provenance Private collection, Palm Desert, California According to a previous owner, this lot had hung for 40

115 RHINEHOLT NAGELE Ger. 18841972 Untitled 1 Signed and inscribed R.N. 19V 1950 l.c. Tempera on paper 10128 in. sight 26.720.3 cm sight 9001,200 116 RHINEHOLT NAGELE Ger. 18841972 Untitled 2 Signed

117 RHINEHOLT NAGELE Ger. 18841972 Untitled 3 Signed and dated R. Nagele 1949 l.c. Tempera on paper 14121212 in. sight 36.831.8 cm sight 9001,200 118 RHINEHOLT NAGELE Ger. 18841972 Untitled 4 Tempera

119 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. 20th C. New York Harbor Oil on canvas 3642 in. 91.4106.7 cm 2,0003,000 93

120 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Island Sunset Study for Oysterman Signed Stephen Etnier l.r. and titled as above in parentheses, signed as above and dated 66 verso Oil on Masonite 121223 in. 31.858.4

122 ROBERT VAN VORST SEWELL Am. 18601924 Scavengers, Fish Beach, Monhegan Signed R.V. Sewell l.r. Oil on canvas 2535 in. 63.588.9 cm 3,0005,000 95

123 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Bridge to Nowhere Signed Stephen Etnier l.r. Oil on Masonite 2436 in. 61.091.4 cm 9,00012,000 96

124 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Maine Coast Signed Stephen Etnier, l.l. also titled and signed as above and dated 19741975 l.l. Oil on Masonite 2236 in. 55.991.4 cm 9,00012,000 97

125 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Dog Wood 3723 in. 94.058.4 cm Property of John and Joanne Payson, Hobe Sound, Florida Provenance By descent in the Payson family 6,0009,000 98

126 JOHN LAURENT Am. 19212005 Oyster Workers at Low Tide Signed JL l.l. of c. also signed, titled and dated as above verso Oil on canvas 244912 in. 61.0125.7 cm 4,0006,000 99

127 ROBERT VICKREY Am. 19262011 Gentle Breeze, 2000 Signed Robert Vickrey l.r. Tempera on board 2024 in. 50.861.0 cm Property by descent to the current owner, a Portland family Provenance ACA Gallerie

128 CARL SPRINCHORN Am. 18871971 Smoking Break Signed Carl Sprinchorn l.r. Watercolor 914814 in. 23.521.0 cm Property of a Southern Maine collector 9001,200 129 FREDERICK S. SERGER Am. 18891965 Still

130 ROBERT VICKREY Am. 19262011 Bird Cage Signed Robert Vickrey l.r. Tempera on board 2842 in. 71.1106.7 cm Exhibition Joan Whitney Payson Gallery of Art, Westbrook College, later University of New En

131 PAUL CADMUS Am. 19041999 Dancers Resting, 1974 Signed Paul Cadmus, Artists Proof u.r. Edition of 40 Catalogue Raisonn 55, Davenport Six color lithograph with added crayon 221512 in. 55.939.4 cm 2,

133 FREDERICK LYNCH Am. b. 1935 Boxed Figure Signed Lynch 81 l.l. of c. also bears the artists name, address as Westport Island, Maine, and the date 1981 verso Oil on canvas 2424 in. 61.061.0 cm Prove

134 AMERICAN SCHOOL 19th C. Venice Canal and Sunset, 1888 Titled as above, dated 6th June and bearing a monogram l.c. Watercolor 10121412 in. 26.736.8 cm Property of the Estate of Jane Benedetson, Sca

136 BERNARD KARFIOL Am. 18861952 An Open Door Signed B Karfiol l.l. Oil on canvas 301424 in. 76.235.6 cm Property of Steven Wasser, Wellesley, Massachusetts 4,0006,000 137 RUTHERFORD BOYD Am. 1884195

138 PETER MAX Am. b. 1937 Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh Signed Max u.l. and inscribed For Lenny and Sandy, Love M 2002 SL, LS in pencil verso Acrylic on paper 38122812 in. sight 97.872.4 cm sight Prope

139 GEORGE SCHREIBER Bel. 19041977 The Cornfield Signed and dated Schreiber 40 l.l. Oil on canvas 2632 in. 66.081.3 cm Property of Michael Lazrus, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and Ogunquit, Maine Provena

140 GEORGE LUKS Am. 18671933 Love Nest Signed George Luks l.l. Watercolor 13121914 in. 34.348.9 cm Property of Michael Lazrus, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and Ogunquit, Maine Provenance Jay Kaye Lazrus,

141 WALT KUHN Am. 18771949 Cuban Girl Signed and dated Walt Kuhn, 1929 u.r. Oil on canvas 3025 in. 76.263.5 cm Provenance Estate of the artist Exhibitions Walt Kuhn 18771949, traveling exhibition Barr

142 WALT KUHN Am. 18771949 Lily Cushing Signed and dated Walt Kuhn 42 l.r. Oil on canvas 151214 in. 38.131.1 cm Provenance Estate of the artist 3,0005,000 143 WALT KUHN Am. 18771949 Girl Signed and d

144 ANTHONY THIEME Am. 18881954 Rainy Dock Signed Ant. Thieme l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 20,00030,000 112

145 BEN FOSTER Am. 18521926 Rolling Farmland Midsummer Twilight Signed Ben Foster l.r. Oil on canvas 3036 in. 76.291.4 cm 5,0007,000 113

The three lots on this page are the property of a Cape Elizabeth family. Ann Wyeth McCoy and Ann Brelsford McCoy are the daughter and granddaughter, respectively, of N. C. Wyeth. 146 ANN BRELSFORD MC

149 ANDREW WYETH Am. 19172009 From Stone Island Signed Andrew Wyeth l.r. Watercolor 17342112 inches Provenance Macbeth Gallery, New York 19381939 Mrs. N.C. Wyeth, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania M. Knoedler

150 and 151 CHARLES ROSEN Am. 18781950 150 The Artists Wife Overlooking New Hope, 1904 Signed Rosen on the stretcher verso Oil on canvas 2014 in. 50.835.6 cm 3,0005,000 151 Telephone Workers, 1904 O

152 EMILE GRUPPE Am. 18961978 At the Dock Signed Emile A. Gruppe l.r. Oil on canvas 2024 in. 50.861.0 cm. 6,0009,000 117

153 WILLIAM KIENBUSCH Am. 19141980 Pine in the Rock, Coast, 1958 Signed and dated Kienbusch 58 l.l. Casein on paper 273714 in. 68.694.6 cm Exhibitions Suffolk Museum, 1961 Dealers Choice Gallery of Mo

154 ALAN MAGEE Am. b. 1947 Pemaquid Constellation Signed Alan Magee l.r. Mixed media on paper 1520 in. 38.150.8 cm Provenance Auction, Barridoff Galleries, August 3, 2007 To the current owner 15,00018

155 HANS MOLLER Am. 19052000 Abstract Inscribed To Betty and Fred from Helen and Hans, Dec. 30, 48 l.r. Mixed media 131216 in. 34.340.6 cm 400600 156 HANS MOLLER Am. 19052000 Sunset at Tams House, Mo

158 KARL KNATHS Am. 18911971 Abstract Signed K. Knaths l.r. Oil on board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Property of Jeff Crook, Colonial Beach, Virginia Provenance Collection of John Raimondi, a prominent publi

159 MICHAEL LOEW Am. 19071985 Bethel Signed and dated Loew 64 l.r. also signed M. Loew and dated and inscribed with the size as below, both verso Oil on canvas 5060 in. 127.0152.4 cm 4,0006,000 122

160 GEORGE RODRIGUE Am. b. 1944 A...lin Dinner With Dog Signed Rodrigue b.c. and in the print b.r. titled as above and with a sketch of a dogs head, and signed Rodrigue all in the artists hand verso a

161 and 162 GEORGE KUNKEL Am. 19221984 161 October Evening, Manana Signed Kunkel l.r. Acrylic collage 29123912 in. 74.9100.3 cm 1,5002,500 162 View from Moody Marsh Signed Kunkel l.l. Acrylic collag

163 EDWIN WALTER DICKINSON Am. 18911978 Untitled Signed E. W. Dickinson u.c. and inscribed This painting was signed by Edwin Dickinson in August 1973 by Edwin Dickinson when one eye had not yet healed

164 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Near the Piling Signed and dated Stephen Etnier 62 l.l. Oil on canvas 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm 4,0006,000 126

165 DENIS BOUDREAU Am. b. 1947 Snug Harbor Signed Denis Boudreau l.l. Oil on canvas 2031 in. 50.878.7 cm 9001,200 166 DENIS BOUDREAU Am. b. 1947 Oil Rigs Signed D. Boudreau l.l. Oil on canvas 1114 in

167 JOHN HELIKER Am. 19092000 Phantom Canyon, Colorado, 1947 Signed Heliker l.r. Oil on Masonite 1218 in. 30.545.7 cm Provenance The artist By gift to a previous owner Heliker was teaching at the Colo

170 LEE COURT Am. 19031992 Monhegan Harbor Signed Lee W. Court l.r. Oil on canvas 283612 in. 71.192.7 cm 2,5003,500 Oil on canvas 2436 in. 61.091.4 cm 2,5003,500 129 171 EMILY MUIR Am. 19042003 Men

172 ELENA JAHN Am. b. 1938 Monhegan from Manana, A Triptych Signed Elena Jahn l.r. titled as above and dated 1979 verso Pastel 21122912 in. each 54.674.9 cm each 2,0003,000 173 ALAN GUSSOW Am. 193119

175 JOHN LAURENT Am. 19212005 Brehons First Signed JL l.c. Acrylic 7349 34 in. 19.724.8 cm 9001,200 176 THOMAS CROTTY Am. b. 1934 Fallen Spruce Signed Thomas Crotty u.r. Watercolor 1728 in. 43.271.1

178 THOMAS CROTTY Am. b. 1934 Ring Bolt Signed Thomas Crotty l.r. Oil on Masonite 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm 3,0005,000 179 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Yarmouth Village Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. Oil on ca

181 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 The Fleet Signed and dated Stephen Etnier 32 l.l. Oil on canvas 2420 in. 61.050.8 cm Property of a Maine gentleman 1,5002,500 182 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 The Canal

184 REUBEN TAM Am. 19161991 Monhegan Cliff Signed Tam l.r. Acrylic and watercolor 11121512 in. 29.239.4 cm Property of the Estate of Jane Benedetson, Scarborough, Maine 1,5002,500 185 JOHN HELIKER Am

187 THOMAS CROTTY Am. b. 1934 North Boundary Signed Thomas Crotty u.r. Acrylic on board 3548 in. 88.9121.9 cm. 6,0009,000 135

188 GEORGE DE LYRA Am. 19291999 Blue Girl Signed DeLyra l.r. Oil on Masonite 2127 in. 53.368.6 cm 1,2001,800 136

Lots 190 through 193 are additions to the sale and are not included in the hard copy of the catalogue. Any further additions to the sale, if any, will be offered after lot 193 and will be illustrated

191 ABRAHAM BOGDANOVE Am. 19192009 Monhegan Oil on canvasboard 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Provenance The artist By gift to his groundskeeper on Monhegan By descent 2,5003,500 138

192 WALDO PEIRCE Am. 18841970 Morocco Signed WP and dated 5 in part below the lip of the frame l.r. Oil on canvas 19122512 in. sight 49.564.8 cm sight Property of Penelope Place, Telluride, Colorado a

193 JAMES GARDNER BABBIDGE Am. 18441919 The Frances Hatch with a New England Town on the Shore Inscribed, signed, and dated Painted for Capt A N Fales, J. G. Babbidge, Mar 1899, No. 7 l.r. and verso O

194 JULES FRANOIS PAGES Am. 18331910 Fishing Village Signed Jules Pages l.r. Oil 7129 in. 19.122.9 cm Property of Joanne Curtis, Northport, Maine Provenance By descent in the family To the current own

195 JAMES WELLS CHAMPNEY Am. 18431903 The Rug Merchant Signed J. Wells Champney l.r. Oil on Academy board 1312814 in. 34.321.0 cm 2,5003,500 142

196 ALFRED GWYNNE MORANG Am. 19011958 Portland Looking across Portland Harbor from the Portland side toward Casco Bay with Peaks Island in the distance Signed and dated Alfred Morang 1938 l.r. titled


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