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Including additional lots 157 to 167 not included in the printed catalogue WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2014 6 P.M INTERNATIONAL FINE ART AUCTION 1

CONDITIONS OF SALE The following Conditions of Sale and, if applicable, the AbsenteeTelephone Bid Form in the back of this catalogue, as they may be amended by any posted notices or oral announcements before or during the sale, from Barridoff Galleries and its consignors entire agreement with the buyer relative to the property listed herein. By participating in the sale, all bidders agree to the terms hereof. 1. Barridoff Galleries acts as an agent for its consignors and the contract for sale is

FINE AUCTION AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN ART Wednesday, April 30, 2014 6 PM Previews Tuesday, April 29, 2014 6 PM 8 PM and Wednesday, April 30, 10 AM 5 PM To be held at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art The Porteous Building 522 Congress Street, Portland, Maine BARRIDOFF GALLERIES Annette and Rob Elowitch Maine License AUC795 Shipping and mailing address 50 Market Street South Portland, Maine 04106 Tel 2077725011 Fax 2077725049 Email

ABBREVIATIONS l.r l.l. l.c. lower right lower left lower center u.l. u.r. b.r. upper left upper right below right Am. Br. Eur. American British European SHIPPING For your convenience, Barridoff Galleries has arranged for representatives of The UPS Store to be at the auction to ship any purchases directly from the promises or, as a free service to Barridoff clients, to help you pack to carry any purchase with you. All shipping and packaging for shipment charges are otherwise payable by the

Sandra Richardson Gallery Manager William J. Milliken Auction Expediter Jay York Photographer Sam Elowitch Catalog Editor and Webmaster William Edward OReilly Auctioneer and Consultant Anthony Moore Painting Conservation, Condition, and Conservation Consultant Nina Rayer Paper Conservation Consultant Johanna Moore Telephone Bidding Online bidding Located in the heart of Portland, Maines downtown Arts District, Maine College of Art offers a Bachelo

1 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Beach Vessel Study Signed Stephen Etnier l.r. 2420 in. 61.050.8 cm 6,0009,000 6

2 JON LEGERE Am. 19441996 The Retired Watchman Signed and dated Jon Legere 1979 l.r. Oil on board 381263 in. 97.8160.0 cm Provenance The artist By descent in the family 2,0003,000 7

3 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Lion Signed Bernard Langlais l.r. and in the stone l.l. Handpainted lithograph 101312 in. 26.034.3 cm 9001,200 4 VERONICA BENNING Am. b. 1947 Douglas Window Signed and dated Veronica Benning 80 and titled as above all verso Pastel 2521 in. 63.553.3 cm Property of Jackie Mast, Portland 9001,200 5 JOHN GABLE Am. b. 1944 Seasons End Signed John Gable l.r. Watercolor 1420 in. sight 35.650.8 cm sight 1,5001,800 6 DON STONE Am. b. 1929 The Basket Signed and dated Don

7 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 End of Day Signed and dated S. Etnier 47 l.r. Oil on board 15341934 in. 40.050.2 cm Property of Christopher Smith, Quincy, Florida Provenance The artist By gift to his cousin, Burwell Smith By descent to the current owner. 2,0003,000 8 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. 19th20th C. Beach, Monhegan, 1915 Titled and dated as above and signed, in part illegibly, John. G. or A. W... l.r. Watercolor 7341034 in. sight 19.727.3 cm sight Property of Dirk Van Dyk, Yorklyn, Delaware 9001,2

10 JASON SCHOENER Am. 19191997 Luminous Night Signed Schoener l.c. Oil on canvas 1836 in. 45.791.4 cm 1,2001,800 11 JASON SCHOENER Am. 19191997 Night on the Maine Coast Signed Schoener l.c. Oil on canvas 1640 in. 40.6101.6 cm 1,2001,800 10

12 HOWARD CLIFFORD Am. 19502003 Cloud Series XXX, Iceland 1985 Initialed HC l.l. Oil on canvas 77105 in. 195.6266.7 cm 3,0005,000 11

13 FLEMISH SCHOOL 17th18th C. Feathered Friends Oil on canvas 2761 in. 68.6154.9 cm 10,00015,000 12

14 ENGLISH SCHOOL Br. 18th19th C. Hillside Portrait of Children Oil on board 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 5,0007,000 13

15 MICHELANGELO MEUCCI It. 18941909 Spring Signed and titled M. Meucci, Spring l.l. Oil on panel 18129 in. 47.022.9 cm Property Of Constance McCabe, Harpswell, Maine 1,2001,800 16 MICHELANGELO MAESTRI It. 17791812 Trionfo di Sileno Bearing the description l.l. Giul. Rom.inv. l.l.Trionfo Di Sileno l.c. and Mich. Ang. Maestri fece in Roma l.r. Gouache on paper 1319 in. 33.048.3 cm 2,0003,000 17 THOMAS ROWLANDSON Br. 17561827 Fine Grooming Signed T. Rowlandson l.l. Watercolor, pen, and ink 69 in.

18 BERNARDUS JOHANNES BLOMMERS Dutch 18451914 Churning Day Signed Blommers l.c. Mixed media 97812 in. 25.130.8 cm 1,2001,800 15

19 PETRUS VAN SCHENDEL Bel. 18061870 Soire de feux de Bengale au VauxHall, Parc de Bruxelles Signed P. van Schendel on the base of the statue Oil on canvas 271539 in. 68.699.1 cm Provenance The Artists estate sale, J. A le Roy Frres, Brussels, September 4, 1871, lot 11 Sothebys, Amsterdam 24 April 1989, lot 333 Sothebys, London, 20 June 1990, lot 104 De Vuyst, Lokeren, Belgium, 12 December 1998, lot 433 To the current owner Offered 19th Century European Art including Spanish Paintings at Bonham


20 FRANCESCO BEDA It. 18401900 A Gentleman Bemused Signed and dated F. Beda 1880 l.l. Oil on board 1512 in. 38.130.5 cm Provenance Private collection, Minnesota 5,0007,000 18

21 HENRI DUVIEUX Fr. 18551920 Grand Canal, Venice Signed in part illegibly l.r. Oil on canvas 15342012 in. 40.052.1 cm Provenance Private Collection, Santa Barbara, California 6,0009,000 19

22 BRITISH OR CONTINENTAL SCHOOL 19th C. Carnations and Roses Signed illegibly l.r. Oil on board 7512 in. 18.414.0 cm 600900 23 GASTON BALANDE Fr. 18801971 Les lutteurs a la foire Signed G. Balande l.r. Oil on canvas 241934 in. 61.650.2 cm 1,5002,500 20

24 FRENCH SCHOOL Fr. late 19th C. Sur lescalier de la Seine Oil on canvas mounted on artists board 3121 in. 79.453.3 cm 5,0007,000 21

Lots 25 and 26 MAURICE DENIS Fr. 1870 1943 Property of a Maine family 25 Florence with a View of the Duomo, 1907 Signed and dated MAU D 07 l.l. Oil on board 12934 in. 30.524.8 cm Provenance Sothebys, New York, Impressionist and Modern Art, October 9, 1996, lot 29 To the current owner Label verso Galerie E. Druetaaaaaaa E. Druet, official photographer for Rodin, gave Maurice Denis his first oneman exhibition in 1904. It was an exhibition of Italian views with an introductory essay by Andre Gide.

26 Centre ville, 1898 Signed and dated MD 98 l.r. Oil on board 1011 in. 26.027.9 cm Provenance The Revlon Collection Sothebys, New York, Impressionist and Modern Art, October 9, 1996, lot 30 To the current owner 12,00018,000 23

27 ALFRED F. DE PRADES Br. ca. 1820ca. 1890 Sidesaddle Signed A. De Prades l.l. Oil on board 9341212 in. 24.831.8 cm 1,2001,800 28 PIETER DOMMERSEN Dutch 18341908 Hoorn on the Zuiderzee Holland Signed and dated ...Dommersen l.l. Oil on panel 68 in. 15.220.3 cm 9001,200 29 LEONARDUS JOSEPH ELAND Dutch 18841952 Working in the Fields Signed L. Eland l.l. Oil on board 1014 in. 25.435.6 cm 9001,200 24

30 MAURICE LE SCOUZEC Fr. 18811940 La Valle DAncanarive Signed Le Scouzez and titled Ancanarive l.r. Oil on paper laid down on canvas 213134 in. 53.380.6 cm Property of a Maine family Provenance Galerie de Bretagne, Quimper, Brittany, France, 2000 To the current owner Catalogue Raisonn, Maurice Le Scouzec, No. 2748 per label verso A certificate of authenticity from Galerie de Bretagne accompanies the lot. 2,5003,500 25

31 HENRY GILLARD GLINDONI Br. 18521913 In the Stocks Signed and dated H. Glindoni 1876 l.l. Oil on canvas 1622 in. 40.655.9 cm 1,2001,800 26

32 MARCEL VERTES Fr.Am. 18951961 Showgirl with Puppy Signed Vertes l.r. Gouache 24122012 in. 62.252.1 cm Property from a Maine, formerly New York estate collection 2,0003,000 27

Lots 33 and 34 SHIKO MUNAKATA Japanese 19031975 Property of Mark Fisher, Beachwood, Ohio Provenance A private collector, Tokyo To the current owner, 1983 Both lots were purchased from a Japanese dealer by the current owner in 1983. The original authentication in Japanese calligraphy is attached verso. 33 Untitled 1 Signed and inscribed by the artist b.c. Handpainted from the back woodblock 12812 in. 30.521.6 cm image 2417 in. 61.643.8 cm paper 12,00018,000 28

34 Untitled 2 Signed and inscribed by the artist b.c. Handpainted from the back woodblock 912912 in. 24.1224.1 cm image 241 in. 61.6243.8 cm paper 12,00018,000 29

35 CHARLES EMILE JACQUE Fr. 18131894 Laundry Day Signed Ch. Jacque l.l. Oil on panel 10129 12 in. 26.724.1 cm Property of a Maine collector 2,5003,500 30

36 JEAN HANAU Fr.Am. 18991966 Storm Over the Hemez Mountains, New Mexico Signed and dated Jean Hanau 1928 l.r. Oil on canvas 3225 in. 81.363.5 cm Provenance Bernheim Gallery, Paris, 1929 Private collection, U.S. The consignor wrote an email about the painting recently and therefore not available for the printed catalogue in part as follows The Jemez Mountains in New Mexico consist of once active volcanoes which ceased erupting a million years ago. The rainstorm over the Jemez in the Hanau oil is

37 REMINGTON SCHUYLER Am. 18841955 Montana Signed Remington Schuyler l.r. Oil on canvas 1226 in. 30.566.0 cm 2,0004,000 32

38 BIRGER SANDZEN Am. 18711954 Morning at the Grand Canyon 1919 Signed Birger Sandzen l.l. and inscribed with the title as above and Sandzen taken from beyond view April 1919 D de Ribcowsky verso Oil on canvasboard 85 in. 20.312.7 cm 4,0006,000 33

39 JOEL J. LEVITT Am. 18751937 Spring in the Valley Signed Joel J. Levitt l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 2,5003,500 34

40 CARL SPRINCHORN Am. 18871971 Pueblo Mountain, New Mexico ca. 1916 Signed Carl Sprinchorn l.r. Pastel 1724 in. 43.261.0 cm Provenance Estate of the artist label verso Tom Veilleux Gallery label verso 1,2001,800 Of note Marsden Hartley Am. 18781943 Pueblo Mountain, New Mexico ca. 1916 Pastel 17122434 in. 43.261.0 cm Close friends, Sprinchorn and Hartley are both known to have been in the Southwest sometime between 1915 and 1920. Sold at Sothebys, New York, 2008 35

41 LUIGI LUCIONI Am. 19001988 Trees in a Landscape Signed and dated L. Lucioni 1936 l.l. Oil on board 2016 in. 50.840.6 cm Property of a Boston Family Provenance James D. Julia, Inc., Fairfield, Maine, Auction, August 20, 2003 To the current owner 6,0009,000 36

42 KARL WITKOWSKI Aus.Am. 18601910 A Bag of Groceries Signed and dated Copyright 1902 by K. Witkowski l.l. Oil on canvas 201214 in. 52.135.6 cm 4,0006,000 37

43 GEORGE MARKHAM Am. Early 19th C. Siblings Signed Geo Markham l.r. Oil on canvas 48123812 in. 123.297.8 cm 6,0009,000 38

44 LOUIS CHARLES MOELLER Am. 18551930 It is to Sneeze Signed Louis Moeller l.r. titled on the brass plate on the frame Oil on canvas 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 1,5002,500 39

45 AARON DRAPER SHATTUCK Am. 18321928 New Hampshire Estatestamped A.D. Shattuck l.c. Oil on canvas 89 in. 20.623.2 cm 1,5002,500 46 WINFIELD SCOTT CLIME Am. 18811958 The Farm in Winter Signed Winfield Scott Clime l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm Property of a Connecticut gentleman 9001,200 40

47 ALBION HARRIS BICKNELL Am. 18371915 Pasturelands Signed A.H. Bicknell l.r. Oil on canvas 3024 in. 76.261.0 cm 3,0005,000 41

48 SANFORD ROBINSON GIFFORD Am. 18231880 Mt. Washington Signed S. R. Gifford l.l. Oil on canvas 7121212 in. 19.131.8 cm The minor chips in the frame seen in the illustration ter the catalogue was printed. The finish otherwise rewere restored and matched to the rest of the frame af mains as it was prior to its consignment. Property of a Maine family Provenance By descent An early, possibly original, printed label on the stretch removed during examination for auction, reads Gifer, found when a tor

49 AMERICAN SCHOOL Mid 19th C. American Sunset Oil on canvas 29122412 in. 74.962.2 cm 9,00012,000 43

50 FREDERICK JUDD WAUGH Am. 18611940 Pounding Surf Signed Waugh l.r. Oil on canvas 3436 in. 86.491.4 cm 9,00012,000 44

51 WALTER LAUNT PALMER Am. 18541932 Lake Louise Monogrammed and dated1898 l.r. Oil on board 1112934 in. 29.224.8 cm Property of Connie Cross, So. Casco, Maine Provenance The artist To his friend, Joel Burdick, Albany, New York By descent to his greatgranddaughter, the current owner 4,0006,000 45

52 GEORGE DINCKEL Am. 18911976 Dock Scene Signed George Dinckel l.r. Oil on canvas 2228 in. 55.971.1 cm 9001,200 53 ALDRO T. HIBBARD Am. 18861972 Vermont Snow probably West River Signed A.T. Hibbard l.l. Oil on board 17 1225 12 in. 44.564.8 cm 4,0006,000 46

54 JOSEPH KAHILL Am. 18821957 Early Snow Signed and dated JB Kahill, 19 l.l. Oil on board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm 9001,200 55 CHARLES WOODBURY Am. 18641940 Sea and Clouds Signed Charles Woodbury l.l. Oil on board 101334 in. 25.434.9 cm Provenance Private collection, New York State 1,5002,500 47

Lots 56 and 57 are the property of a Connecticut gentleman. 56 EMILE GRUPPE Am. 18961978 Frozen River Signed Emile A. Gruppe l.r. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 4,0006,000 48

57 ANTHONY THIEME Am. 18881954 Gloucester Fishermen Signed A. Thieme l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 5,0007,000 49

Lots 58, 59, and 60 ALEXANDER BOWER Am. 18751952 Property of James Maher, Royal Palm Beach, Florida Provenance The artist Each by gift to the current owners father or mother By descent to the current own The current owners grandfather built the Lafayette Hotel in Portland and his son, the current owners father, managed it for many years. 58 Cottage on the River Inscribed and signed To Michelle Maher, Alexander Bower l.r. Oil on board 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 9001,200 59 View from the Top of the Hil

63 MAREN FROELICH Am. 18681921 Carmel in Winter Signed and titled Maren Froelich, San Francisco l.r. Oil on board 71312 in. 18.434.3 cm A similar view in summer, found online, is the source of the location. 9001,200 64 AMERICAN SCHOOL Early to Mid 20th C. Church on the River Watercolor 1720 in. 43.251.4 cm 600900 65 ALEXANDER BOWER Am. 18751952 Morning Seas, Cape Elizabeth, Maine Oil on board 81211 in. 21.628.6 cm Provenance Thumbbox Exhibition, Salmagundi Club label verso with the title as ab

67 GIFFORD BEAL Am. 18791956 Interior, Piano Oil on canvas 1824 in. 45.761.0 cm Provenance Kraushaar Galleries, New York 7,00010,000 52

68 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. Early 20th C. Sunday Morning, Long Island Oil on canvas 101112 in. 25.429.2 cm 2,0003,000 53

69 ERNEST ALBERT Am. 18571946 Still Life, Two Oriental Vases Signed Ernest Albert, A.N.A. l.r. Oil on board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm 3,0005,000 54

70 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. early to mid 20th C. Child Sleeping Oil on canvas 1721 in. 43.853.3 cm 2,0003,000 55

71 SAMUEL HARKNESS MCCREA Am. 18671941 In the Garden, 1879 Stamped Estate of Samuel Harkness McCrea verso Oil on canvasboard 912 in. 22.930.5 cm 1,2001,500 72 EMIL CARLSEN Am. 18381942 Tomatoes and Leeks Signed Emil Carlsen 97 l.l. Oil on board 9121212 in. 24.131.8 cm Property of a Portland family Provenance By descent 4,0006,000 56

73 WALTER GAY Am. 18361957 Roses Signed Walter Gay l.l. Oil on panel 138 in. 33.020.3 cm Property of a Portland family Provenance By descent 2,0003,000 74 EDWARD BARNARD LINTOTT Am. 18751951 Roses Signed Lintott l.r. Oil on board 108 in. 25.420.3 cm 8001,200 57

75 ALBERT BIERSTADT Am. 18301902 Duck Shooting ca. 1858 Signed very indistinctly with only remnants and a shadow discernible l.r. Oil on canvas 2030 in. 50.876.2 cm Property of a Rhode Island collector Provenance The artist Thomas Thompson Collection 18581870 Henry H. Leeds Miner, Auctioneers, New York, February, 1870, lot 279 By descent in the family Dr. Harvey Butler, Atlanta, Georgia ca. 1945 By gift to his wife 1950s By gift to their daughter Eleanor Shephard 1991 By gift to Eleanors son Ma


76 AMERICAN SCHOOL 19TH C. View of the Hudson River Valley Apocryphal signature Thomas Moran N.A. verso Oil on board or canvasboard 2126 in. 6.415.9 cm An address and telephone number handwritten . by Thomas Sidney Moran, who is listed in viable but contradictory online sources as Thomas Morans son, or as the son of the artists brother Edward Moran, or as the artist himself, is attached verso. It reads Thos. S. Moran, 142 E. 47 Street, Tel Murray Hill 9112 Tel. Wis. 0438. Barridoff Galleries has

78 FRANCIS AUGUSTUS SILVA Am. 18351886 Afternoon in New York Bay Oil on canvas 1220 in. 30.550.8 cm Provenance Barridoff Galleries, Auction, August 6, 2010 Sold postauction to a private collector, New York 20,00030,000 Misty Morning in New York Bay 5341134 in 14.529.7 cm The distant smokestacks in both oils by Silva illustrated on this page at first appear to represent a factory but on closer examination, it is clear that in the image to the left they are part of a sidewheeler moving from right

79 HERMANN HERZOG Am. 18321932 Snowcapped Rockies Oil on canvas mounted on artists board 2734 in. 68.686.4 cm 2,5003,500 80 MARIAN BLAKELOCK Am. b. 1870 Red and Yellow Sky Signed Marian Blakelock l.l. Oil on board 96 in. 22.915.2 cm The current owners great grandfather was a friend of the artists father when both lived in Greenwich Village on 11th Street where Blakelock also had his studio. 9001,200 62

81 JULES FRANOIS PAGES Am. 18331910 Fishing Village Signed Jules Pages l.r. Oil 7129 in. 19.122.9 cm Property of Joanne Curtis, Northport, Maine Provenance By descent in the family To the current owner 3,0005,000 63

82 WILLIAM S. SCHWARTZ Am. 18961977 Peace Offering Signed William S. Schwartz l.r. Oil on canvasboard 191514110 in. 48.335.6 cm Property of Randy Booth, Monroe, Wisconsin Provenance Auction, Swann Galleries, New York, September 8, 2006 Auction, Treadway Toomey, Oak Park, Illinois, September 18, 2011 3,5005,500 83 C. PHILIPP Am. 20th C. Still Life Signed and dated C. Philipp Mnchen, June 94 l.l. Watercolor 1912 in. 48.931.1 cm 9001,200 84 WILLIAM AUERBACHLEVY Am. 18891964 Village Street Initial

85 WILLARD L. METCALF Am. 18581925 Feeding the Chickens, Spring Inscribed Just a Sketch, To Mr. and Mrs. Smith and signed W. L. Metcalf l.r. Oil on canvas 161220 in. sight 41.950.8 cm sight Property of a Portland family Provenance will be provided to the buyer. Metcalf studied in Paris at the Julian Academy and was exposed primarily to traditional styles of painting until he visited Giverny, the home of Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Metcalf was perhaps the first American to arrive there. H

86 EMILE GRUPPE Am. 18961978 Fish House Signed Emile A. Gruppe l.r. Oil on canvas 2024 in. 50.861.0 cm 5,0007,000 66

87 ALLEN D. COCHRAN Am. 18811971 A Summer Day 1916 Signed Allen D. Cochran 16 l.r. titled, signed, and dated as above in the artists hand on the canvas overlap Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm Property of a collector, Illinois Provenance The artist A New York family The current owner 5,0008,000 67

88 MARGUERITE STUBER PEARSON Am. 18981978 Zinnias Signed M. S. Pearson l.l. Oil on canvas 282312 in. 71.159.7 cm Property of Southern Maine family Provenance By descent 1,2001,800 89 ANTHONY THIEME Am. 18881954 Afternoon Break Signed A. Thieme l.l. Oil on board 121534 in. 30.540.0 cm 2,0003,000 68

90 ERNEST ALBERT Am. 18571946 Nocturne Signed Ernest Albert l.r. Oil on canvas 2024 in. 50.861.0 cm 3,0005,000 69

91 REMO FARRUGGIO Am. 19041981 Hotel Signed and dated Remo Farruggio 1938 l.l. Oil on board 2430 in. 61.076.2 cm Property of Roy Bernstein, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey Provenance By descent in the family 3,0005,000 70

92 ARTHUR CLIFTON GOODWIN Am. 18641929 Distant View of Boston Signed A.C. Goodwin l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 4,0006,000 71

93 and 94 ARTHUR CLIFTON GOODWIN Am. 18641929 Property of Timothy J. Althaus, Tucson, Arizona Provenance The artist To his friend Lucy Garfield Sargent To her daughter Lucy Garfield Sargent Althaus To the current owner 93 City Point, South Boston Signed A. C. Goodwin l.r. titled as above, dated, and signed July 14, A. C. Goodwin verso Pastel 1721 in. 43.253.3 cm 4,0006,000 72

94 Park Street, Boston Signed and dated A C Goodwin 04 l.l. Oil on canvas 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Park Street with the church as backdrop was among the artists favorite and most popular subjects. He painted many such images with only minor variations. According to a biography on submitted by Spanierman Gallery, Goodwin did not decide to pursue an artistic career until 1900. We found no images among the many illustrated online bearing a date between 1900 and 1904, the date of the current

Lots 95 and 96 are from a private collection, Newport, Rhode Island 95 CHARLES H. WOODBURY Am. 18641940 Beach Umbrella Signed Charles H. Woodbury l.l. Oil on board 912 in. 22.930.5 cm 5,0007,000 74

96 CHARLES H. WOODBURY Am. 18641940 Swimmers Signed Charles H. Woodbury l.l. Oil on board 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 4,0006,000 75

97 FREDERICK JOHN MULHAUPT Am. 18711938 Paris Street ca. 1905 Signed Mulhaupt l.l. Oil on canvas 1316 in. 33.040.6 cm 3,0005,000 76

98 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. 19th20th C. Gloucester ca. 1895 Signed illegibly l.l. Oil on artist board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Provenance Jacksons, Cedar Falls, Iowa as Perhaps Gloucester by Willard Metcalf., May 24, 1911 A knowledgeable friend of Barridoff Galleries living in Gloucester has confirmed the location. 5,0007,000 77

99 BRUCE CRANE Am. 18571937 Spring Signed Bruce Crane l.r. Oil on board 101212 in. 25.431.8 cm 2,0003,000 78

100 ERIC SLOANE Am. 19051985 Covered Bridge Signed Eric Sloane, N.A. l.l. Oil on Masonite 2436 in. 61.091.4 cm 12,00018,000 79

101 WILLIAM MEDCALF Early 20th C. Schools Out Signed Medcalf l.r. Oil on board 253424 in. 65.461.0 cm Provenance A St. Paul, Minnesota estate, Jackson Auctioneers, May 24, 2011 9,00012,000 80

102 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Landscape with Clouds Oil on canvas 17122912 in. 44.574.9 cm 2,0003,000 103 BERNARD LAIS Am. 19231977 Abstract Cityscape Oil on canvas 29123912 in. 74.9100.3 cm Provenance Purchased from the artists widow in 1995 5,0007,000 81

104 EARL CUNNINGHAM Am. 18931977 Busy Days, a Triptych, Dry Dock, Two Worlds, and Red Three Masted Portrait Each signed Earl Cunningham l.l. Oil on board 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm Property of Mary Belote, Bradenton, Florida Provenance Michael and Marilyn Mennello Collection of The Art of Earl Cunningham, Winter Park, Florida Russ DiMaggio, Altamonte Springs, Florida John Scherer, Palm Coast. Florida To the current owner 35,00055,000 82

105 KAREL APPEL Ger. 19212006 Blue Boy Signed, dated, and numbered K. Appel 50 525 b.c. Lithograph 1212912 in. 31.824.1 cm Provenance Albright Art Gallery Gallerie Charette Martha Jackson 400600 106 LUDWIG BEMELMANS Am. 18981962 The Wrestlers Signed Bemelmans l.r. Watercolor 811 in. 21.027.9 cm 1,5002,500 83

107 ROBERT VICKREY Am. 19262011 Gentle Breeze Signed Robert Vickrey l.r. Tempera on board 2024 in. 50.861.0 cm Property of a Portland family by descent Provenance ACA Galleries, New York label verso Trees Place, Cape Cod label verso Harmon Meek Gallery, Naples Florida label verso Auction, Barridoff Galleries, October 2013 4,5005,500 84

Lots 108 and 109 CHARLES DANA GIBSON Am. 18671944 108 The Golfer Signed Charles l.c. Ink on paper 1810 in. sight 45.725.4 cm sight Property of a Portland family Provenance By descent 9001,200 109 Fooled Again Titled as above l.c. Ink on paper 97815 in. sight 25.138.1 cm sight Property of a Portland family Provenance By descent 9001,200 85

110 MARGUERITE ROBICHAUX Am. b. 1950 RotoairaNew Zealand, 1994 Signed M. Robichaux l.r. titled as above and dated 1994 l.l. Watercolor 612912 in. 16.524.1 cm Provenance OFarrell Gallery, Brunswick To the current owner 9001,200 111 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Rapids at Abol Falls Signed and titled Painted at Abol Falls, West Branch, Penobscot, C. Huntington verso Oil on canvas 2420 in. 61.050.8 cm Provenance From the Artist To the current owner 1,5002,500 86

No lot 112 87

113 No lot 88

114 WILLIAM WALLACE GILCHRIST. JR. Am. 18791926 The Pink Settee Oil on canvas 2822 in. 71.155.9 cm Property of Janis Kerd, Leonia, New Jersey Provenance Purchased by the current owner soon after the exhibition at PAFA. See below By descent in the family of the current owner Exhibited Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, One Hundred and Eleventh Annual Exhibition, February 16March 26, 1916 label verso 12,00018,000 89

No lot 115 90

116 JENNIFER BARTLETT Am. b. 1941 Untitled Acrylic on paper 554312 in. 140.3110.5 cm Provenance The artist By gift to Jack Tworkov, artist and chairman of the Art Department at Yale at the time, ca. 1963 By gift to Irving Kriesberg, artist and teacher at Yale University, 19621969 By gift to a private collection, New York By descent in the family 6,0009,000 91

117 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Our Maine Signed A. Chadbourn l.l. Oil on canvas 4831 in. 121.978.7 cm Property of Gerald Prosch, Fairhope, Alabama 6,0009,000 118 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 The Coffee Grinder Signed and dated A. Chadbourn 66 l.l. Oil on canvas 401236 in. 102.991.4 cm Property of Gerald Prosch, Fairhope, Alabama 6,0009,000 92

119 MARK WETHLI Am. b. 1949 Star Chamber Oil or Tempera on paper 578878 in. 14.922.5 cm 578878 in. 14.922.5 cm image 810 in. 20.325.4 cm paper 9001,200 120 STUART ROSS Am. 20th21st C. Arrowsic Marsh Signed and dated Ross 1984 l.r. Oil on canvas 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 1,2001,800 93

121 PAUL RICKERT Am. b. 1947 Resting on Granite Signed Paul Rickert l.r. Oil on canvas 2857 in. 71.1144.8 cm 1,2001,800 122 PAUL RICKERT Am. b. 1947 November Sky, Penobscot Signed Paul Rickert l.r. Oil on canvas 2860 in. 71.1152.4 cm 1,2001,800 123 FRANK W. HANDLEN Am. b. 1916 Walking the Dog Signed Handlen l.r. Oil on Masonite 1216 in. 30.540.6 cm 9001,200 94

124 CHARLES HEIL Am. 18701950 Beach Signed Heil l.r. Oil on board 6121112 in. 16.529.2 cm 9001,200 95

125 GEORGE BELLOWS Am. 18821925 Nude Signed Geo. Bellows, J.B.B. verso Ink on paper 9612 in. 22.916.5 cm 1,5002,000 126 MARSDEN HARTLEY Am. 18781943 Tree Study No. 2 Silverpoint 141210 in. 36.825.4 cm Provenance Kraushaar Galleries, New York label verso Hirschl Adler Galleries, New York label verso 1,5002,500 127 ELIE NADELMAN Am. 18851946 Ideal Head 2 ca. 1920 Pencil on paper 108 in. 27.020.6 cm Provenance The artist Henry David Sleeper, an important, nationally known antiquarian, collector,

Lots 128 and 129 are the property of a Falmouth family. 128 KUNISADA TOYOKUNI III Japanese 17861864 Untitled Triptych, Circa 18471853 Signed left to right with the artists three different studio names Kunisada Toyokuni III, Kochiro Toyokuni and Ichuyosai Toyokuni Woodblock prints 14912 in. sight 35.624.1 cm sight 9001,200 129 KUNISADA TOYOKUNI III Japanese 17861864 Untitled Triptych, Circa 18471853 Signed left to right with the artists three different studio names Kunisada Toyokuni III, Kochir

132 CHEN CHI Am. 19122005 Winter, Central Park Signed and dated Chen Chi 1976 l.l. bearing the Chinese stamp l.r. and bearing an inscription, probably a signature as well, in Chinese calligraphy vertically u.l. Watercolor on rice paper 1726 in. 43.266.0 cm 5,0007,000 133 CHI KWANCHEN Chinese 19212007 Corn Signed in Chinese characters l.l. inscribed Seasons Greeting from Chi l.l. Watercolor 9121112 in. 24.129.2 cm 1,5002,500 98

134 JOHNNIE WINONA ROSS Am. b. 1949 Untitled Signed and dated Johnnie Ross 9091 verso Mixed media 2424 in. 61.061.0 cm a 1,2001,800 99

The first two paragraphs that immediately follow are from the catalogue for George Grosz in Germany, Works on Paper 19131925 earlier than the current lot at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, November 7, 2013January 4, 2014, curated by Karen Wilkin, of works from the LouisDreyfus Family Collection. The world Grosz conjured up, populated by mutilated veterans, bulletheaded military types, ladies of the evening, complacent burghers, their scary wives, and the like, is

My drawings and paintings were done as an act of protest I was trying by means of my work to convince the world that it is ugly, sick, and hypocritical. George Grosz 101

136 WILLIAM MCCARTIN Am. b. 1905 Abstract Signed McCartin l.r. Oil on paper 2115 in. 53.338.1 cm 9001,200 137 WALT KUHN Am. 18771949 Parade Signed and titled Walt Kuhn, Parade l.r. Watercolor 9341134 in. 24.829.8 cm Provenance Marie Harriton Gallery, NYC label verso 1,5002,500 138 WILLIAM GLACKENS Am. 18701938 Seated Nude on Blue Pastel 9121212 in. 24.131.8 cm Provenance Kraushaar Galleries, New York 1,2001,800 102

139 JAMES FITZGERALD Am. 18991971 The Ploughman, Katahdin Watercolor 223734 in. 56.895.9 cm Provenance Estate of the artist Barridoff Galleries label verso 3,0005,000 103

Lots 140, 141, 142, and 143 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 Lithographs Property of a Maine family Provenance Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, D. C., 1995 To the current owner Edition 250 each Catalogue Raisonn in order by lot number 73, 28, 18, 15, and 46, Fath AAA Pub. 140 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 Prayer Meeting 1949 Signed Benton l.r. and in the plate l.l. Lithograph 1013 in. 25.433.7 cm 2,5003,500 141 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 Planting 1939 Signed Benton b.r. and in the plate b

142 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 Lonesome Road 1938 Signed Benton b.r. and in the plate l.l. Lithograph 10341312 in. 27.334.3 cm 1,500 2,500 143 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 A Drink of Water 1937 Signed Benton b.r. and in the plate l.l. Lithograph 10341412 in. 27.336.8 cm 1,5002,500 144 THOMAS HART BENTON Am. 18891975 Slow Train Through Arkansas 1941 Signed Benton b.r. Lithograph 101234 in. 25.432.4 cm Property of Sharan Townsend, South Portland, Maine Provenance Associated American Arti

Lots 146 and 147 by William Baziotes were withdrawn from the Barridoff April, 2013 auction because they had not been examined by Michael Preble, the recognized Baziotes expert. Each lot is now accompanied by a letter of authentication from Mr. Preble. All three lots, 145, 146, and 147, will be included in his forthcoming catalogue raisonn. 145 WILLIAM BAZIOTES Am. 19121963 Mural Studies, New YorkW.P.A. Easel Project I, 1938 Pencil on paper 81012 in. 20.326.7 cm Provenance Freedman Gallery. Albr

146 WILLIAM BAZIOTES Am. 19121963 Untitled Signed Baziotes l.r. and bearing the estate stamp verso Watercolor and pencil on board 6 878 in. 15.6 22.5 cm Provenance Estate of the artist Fine Arts of Philadelphia Private collection, Philadelphia 4,0006,000 107

147 WILLIAM BAZIOTES Am. 19121963 Untitled 3 drawings India ink on typewriter board 811211 in. sight each 21.627.9 cm sight each Provenance Important Twentieth Century Unreserved Art Auction of Recently Discovered Works by William Baziotes from the Collection of Constance and the Late Harry Baziotes PennypackerAndrews Auction Centre, Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1995 Private collection, Philadelphia Ethel Baziotes, the artists wife, and a friend of the consignor To whom it may conc

148 JEHUDITH SOBEL Am. b. 1924 Harbor Signed and dated J. Sobel 1961 l.r. Oil on canvas 3036 in. 76.291.4 cm 3,0005,000 109

149 WILLIAM WOODWARD Am. mid 20th C. River Crossing Signed Wm. Woodward l.l. Oil on board 201230 in. 52.176.2 cm Provenance A Florida estate The signature is not clearly legible. We are not suggesting a specific artist and thus the use of the generalized dating to the mid 20th Century. We are not familiar with the work of William Woodward. 9001,200 150 ERIC LUNDGREN Am. 19061971 The Ordeal of Abe Spiegel Signed and dated Eric Lundgren l.l. Pastel 2413 in. 61.033.7 cm Property of a Portland fami

152 CHARLES H. DAVIS Am. 18561933 November Morning Sunlight Signed C.H. Davis l.l. Oil on canvas 2027 in. 50.868.6 cm Property of a Southern Maine family Provenance By descent 6,0009,000 111

153 JOHN WHORF Am. 19031959 Waterspouts off the Windward Side of the Amelie, Barbados Signed John Whorf l.r. Watercolor 14342112 in. sight 37.554.6 cm sight Property of John Valentine, Shutesbury, Massachusetts Videos of waterspouts off Barbados, like those attracting the attention of the sailors in the Whorf waterolor, also in the area of Barbados, may be seen on YouTube httptinyurl.comm5k4g5k 12,00018,000 112

154 WILLIAM ZORACH Am. 18871966 Georgetown Signed William Zorach l.l. Watercolor 15122212 in. 39.457.2 cm 4,0006,000 113

155 ABBOTT GRAVES Am. 18591936 The Harbor, St. Ives Signed Abbott Graves and titled St. Ives indistinctly below the signature, both l.r. Oil on canvas 1812 in. 45.730.5 cm Property of Donald Penta, Windham, Maine Provenance The Hannah Woodman Estate, Portland Auction, F. O. Bailey, mid to late 1900s To the current owner 1,2001,800 156 HIROSHI YOSHIDA Japanese 18761950 Night in Taj Mahal No. 6 Titled as above b.l. and signed in pencil Hiroshi Yoshida b.r. Jizuri stamp in the margin u.l. Woodbloc

157 ANTOINE BLANCHARD Fr. 19101988 Arc de Triomphe Signed Antoine Blanchard l.r. Oil on canvas 2230 in. 55.976.2 cm Property of Mark Fisher, Beachwood, Ohio 9,00012,000 158 MABEL PUGH Am. 18911986 On the Way Home Oil on artist board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Property of Janis Kerd, Leonia, New Jersey 9001,200 115

159 YAMADA BASKE JapaneseAm. 18691934 Misty Harbor Signed Yamada Baske l.l. Oil on canvas 1716 in. 43.240.6 cm Property of a Maine estate 1,2001,800 160 FREDERICK LYNCH Am. b. 1935 Counterform 79 Wardrobe signed Lynch l.r. signed and dated Lynch 99, on the stretcher overlap and titled as above verso Oil on board 1611 in. 40.627.9 cm Property of Jennifer Gay, Maine Provenance By descent 1,2001,800 116

161 FRANKLIN STANWOOD Am. 18521888 A Little Music Signed and dated in part illegibly probably because it has never been cleaned and dated 18834 l.r. Oil on canvas 3460 in. 86.4152.4 cm Property of a Cumberland Foreside, Maine family Provenance By descent in the family of the current owner since the late 19th or early 20th Century 1,5002,500 162 THOMAS SULLY, ATTRIBUTION Am. 17831872 Ecce Agnus Dei Lamb of God Titled as above on the scroll at the lower right side of the child Oil on canvas 17341

Lots 163 and 164 were purchased from the artist by the current owner 163 STEPHEN PACE Am. 19182010 View from the Porch Signed and dated Pace 75 l.l. Watercolor 203429 in. sight 52.773.7 cm sight Property of Margaret and Louis Kannenstine, Woodstock, Vermont 1,5002,500 164 STEPHEN PACE Am. 19182010 Figure in a Landscape, 1965 Signed and dated Pace 65 l.l. Oil on canvas 3036 in. 76.291.4 cm Property of Margaret and Louis Kannenstine, 6,0009,000 118

Oil on canvas 1016 in. 25.440.6 cm 1,2001,800 165 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 South Bristol Harbor Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. and titled as above, signed A Chadbourn and dated 92, all verso 166 ALEXANDER CALDER Am. 18981976 Untitled Signed Calder l.r. and E.A l.l., both in pencil Color lithograph 23353015 in. 58.476.2 cm Property of Jane McMonagle, Portland Provenance By bequest Lithographs marked EA indicate that they are intended for use by the artist. 1,2001,800 119

167 CHARLES WOODBURY Am. 18641940 230, Sea from Studio Signed Woodbury l.r. and titled in pencil as above verso Oil on canvas 2026 in. 50.866.0 cm 4,0006,000 120

Barridoff Galleries will use reasonable efforts to execute absentee and telephone bids as a service. All absentee bids are subject to the Conditions of Sale in the auction catalogue. Please read them carefully before placing a bid. They may be amended by posted notices or by oral announcements before or during the sale. This form should be received by Barridoff Galleries at least 3 days in advance of the sale unless specific arrangements have been made otherwise. For absentee bids, please indica




INDEX Additions to the sale which begin at lot 157 are included in online catalogues and in this index. Charles Partridge Adams ........................................61 Ernest Albert ........................................................69 90 American School ..............................8 49 64 68 70 98 Karel Appel .............................................................105 William AuerbachLevy ..........................................84 Gaston Balande ..............................


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