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Mission The mission of Professional Development Services is to offer valuable learning experiences that empower staff members to maximize performance and achieve their full potential. Vision Our vision is to execute welldesigned and responsive professional development programs and services to an engaged and knowledgeable staff community who ... Amplify the talents and abilities of one another Expand the boundaries of achievement Optimally use resources Generously share ideas and support Dem

Program Outcomes It is imperative the programs and services offered through our department have an impact on the success of the staff members we serve. It is also essential that our programs and services support and augment the greater missions of the institution. Preparedness Participants should be able to acknowledge their position responsibilities, identify the training and development opportunities relevant to their position responsibilities and develop the skills and abilities to perform t

Professional Development ServicesSupporting the Staff of Our WorldClass Institution Program Components Orientation Introduction to the University Transition Information Benefit Information Policies and Procedures Campus Resources The Year One program is designed to facilitate the successful transition of new staff members into the university community. Program components include the following Welcome email Welcome to the community packet which provides information about the Pittsb

Skill Development Competency Building Performance Response Career Building Succession Strategy Staff members perform better and feel more positive about their work when they have mastered the skills needed to successfully complete their tasks. Although most skill development and job knowledge information will be provided at the department or division level, it is imperative that the program supports the department and division leaders with this task. Train the Trainer, Enhancing Skill Devel

Organizational Development Organization and Group Enrichment Organizational Culture Organizational Effectiveness Building Effective Teams Aimed at developing high performing groups and organizations, this program area will support departmental leaders in understanding the following areas Group dynamics Building cohesion and cooperation among group members Leadership Mission, vision and values Creating and implementing change Development of high performing groups Characteristics of effective

Instructional Design Instructional Strategies Innovative Instructional Framework Utilizing a common framework in developing all of our programs and services will allow us to achieve a level of quality that is expected. It is our goal that every learning and professional development service offered through our program has intentional and relevant learning objectives is delivered with the highest quality and consistency executes the values of learning is modular and associative in its design a

Delivery Strategies A Blended Approach Todays learner receives and translates information in a variety of ways. Just as instruction in the classroom has changed, so has the delivery of information through training and development programs. Recent research has shown that leaning to one predominate delivery method does not effectively reach all learners. As a result, the desired outcomes of job knowledge proficiency, skill improvement and increased productivity are not achieved. Serving a diverse

Learning through Community The Learning Network Carnegie Mellon University is a learning organization by the nature of its academic mission. Excellence, innovation and hard work are imbedded in our culture as a worldrenowned university. Engaging staff members to take responsibility for their learning can be viewed as a directive from our institutional mission. Providing opportunities for this type of engagement and advancing a learning culture among our staff through the exchange of ideas, shari

Assessment and Outcomes Measurement The key to our success is how effective we are in preparing our employees to meet the responsibilities of their positions both individually and in the organization to which they belong. Therefore, it is critical that we develop a comprehensive approach to assessing the impact our program has and how successful we are in achieving our program outcomes. In turn, we will be able to continually respond to the changing needs of our employees and the university. Wit

Professional Development ServicesFall 2013 and Beyond AWARENESS OF RESOURCES What We Believe Series Understanding our mission, vision and values is the beginning to understanding our university and what we are trying to achieve as an institution. The What We Believe series will be small group discussion sessions led by campus hosts around a book or article relevant to a specific topic. Topics will include Innovation and Creativity Our Global Community At the Intersection of Science and the

Professional Development Resources Working collaboratively with the University Libraries staff, the Professional Services Office staff will promote printed and electronic resources available to staff members through the use of the staff I.D. card. Library guides will be developed by the library staff to aid in ease of access to these materials. Reading guides will be developed for several books each year to be utilized by staff individually or as a tool for common read activities among staff mem

MANAGING TRANSITIONS Ready, Set, Go Carnegie Mellon is a dynamic place. Innovation, creativity and discovery are a part of our everyday culture. This program provides participants with information on how to be successful in such a remarkable place. Participants will learn strategies for integrating innovation and discovery in their workplace. Year One Program The Year One program is designed to welcome new employees to the university and provide them with the information necessary to ensure a su

Supervising Students This program will provide participants with the opportunity to gain valuable information on how to recruit, train and support the student workers in their department. Participants will be able to exchange ideas with each other on how they utilize student employees in the workplace while providing an outstanding work experience for the student. We will foster mutual responsibility and respect in collegial and managerial interactions and processes. Strategic Plan, Pillar 5Car

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