Flipdocs Pro - Create unlimited Flipbooks for less than $1 per day

Flipdocs Pro is an annual service for publishers that publish digital media on a regular basis. Whether, daily, weekly or monthly the pro service allows unlimited uploads for only $350 a year. That’s less than a $1 a day!

While your account is active none of your Flipbooks will ever expire.

Thats right....No Flipbook activation charges, no additional page charges and no hosting fees !

The Pro plan is also recommended for clients wanting to upload large documents with many pages, such as catalogues, which need frequent replacement.

How to Subscribe

  • To subscribe to the Flipdocs Pro plan, log in to your Flipdocs account and click on the link at the top of the "My Flipbooks" page.
  • If you do not have a Flipdocs account, just upload a PDF and an account will be created automatically. You can then subscribe to the Flipdocs Pro Plan.
    Remember it costs nothing to upload a PDF and see how great your PDF will look as a Flipbook.
Terms and Conditions
  • Flipdocs Pro subscriptions are for 1 year from date of subscription
  • If a subscriber does not renew their subscription by the renewal date all Flipbooks on the account will be deleted 2 weeks after expiration. In extenuating circumstances this can be avoided by contacting sales@flipdocs.com
  • Subscription fees are not refundable or transferable
  • We reserve the right to close or suspend any account at anytime with no refund.  
  • Fair Use Policy
    • In any calendar month the total number of views for all active Flipbooks on a Pro account cannot exceed 500,000 views
    • Extensions to these restrictions can be negotiated by contacting sales@flipdocs.com