About Flipdocs

Flipdocs is a revolutionary new way of displaying your PDF based Brochures, Newsletters, Catalogues, etc on your website.

When you put a PDF on your website your visitor has to have Adobe Acrobat to be able to read the PDF, plus viewing a PDF is not very cool or easy.

Our service transforms your PDF files into a viewable format more familiar to your visitor, namely a book. This is achieved by converting your PDF into a Flash based FLIPBOOK. Over 95% of internet users already have Flash installed so more people can see the document versus a PDF.

Converting your PDF into a Flipbook brings your document to life, complete with flipping pages that can actually be dragged from the corners, a zoom function that is clean and easy to use, and an index page that shows all the pages of your document at once.

If you have any hyperlinks within your PDF these stay active within your Flipbook.

In addition you can customize your flipbook by:

  • Adding your own logo
  • Changing the background images, use your own or select one from our collection of backgrounds.
  • Add advertising banners around the flipbook. Now your document can generate ad space revenue !

We have made the process of converting your PDF to a Flipbook as easy as 1, 2.....(even easier than 1,2,3).

All you need to do is upload your PDF via our upload form and within minutes you have this stylish, clean and great looking flipbook ready for your website.

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